Unglue.it looking to finish it’s first campaign

Have you heard of Unglue.it?  If not, read on… Unglue.it is a a place for individuals and institutions to join together to give their favorite ebooks to the world. We work with rights holders to decide on fair compensation for releasing a free, legal edition of their already-published books, under Creative Commons licensing. Then everyone pledges toward that sum. When the threshold is reached (and not before), we collect the pledged funds and we pay the rights holders. They issue an unglued digital edition; you’re free to read and share it, with everyone, on the device of your choice, worldwide.

Their first campaign has less than one week to go.

We’re up to 65% of the goal with just under 1 week to go!

The campaign for Oral Literature in Africa closes next Thursday.  With the support of ungluers like you, it’s already over $4,900, almost two-thirds of its goal — but it needs more pledges and publicity to reach $7,500 before midnight EDT on June 21.

To help push it over the top (and to thank you for your support), Open Book Publishers has added three new premiums.  For $7 or more, you can get a free ebook of another Open Book title (in addition to Oral Literature in Africa, of course!).  For $40 or more, you can get one free paperback, or three free ebooks.  And for $75, you can choose one hardback, two paperbacks, or six ebooks.  (You can pledge, modify your pledge, or add a premium here  . )

Open Book offers scholarly titles in a range of categories, including anthropology, art, economics, history, law, literature, and women’s studies.  Their works are both peer-reviewed and open access, and the catalogue includes high-profile authors like digital humanities leader Willard McCarty and economics Nobelist Amartya Sen.

Meanwhile, with another campaign deadline looming (on June 30), author Joseph Nassise has cut the target price for his first novel, Riverwatch, to $15,000.  Joe blogged about his reasons:

“I want Unglue.it to succeed.  Not just my campaign, but the concept in general, because I think it is an important new way of putting excellent works into the hands of many more people worldwide while at the same time providing financial support to the author for their creative efforts….In order for that to happen though, the first few Unglue.it campaigns, including the one for RIVERWATCH, have to succeed.  The public needs to see it is a viable way to bring books to readers.  This is turn will influence other writers and publishers to test their own Unglue.it campaigns.  If you’ve already pledged support for one of the current campaigns, mine or anyone else’s, thank you.  Your generosity and support is highly appreciated.  If you’ve been thinking about doing so, now is the time to step out and take action.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.”

Finally, as a reminder for ungluers who can be in Anaheim next week, we’re offering a special dinner with Eric on June 23 at a favorite restaurant to the first eight people who’ve pledged $250 $100 or more.  Email eric@gluejar.com to get on the list.

Thank you again, and DON’T WAIT!

The Unglue.it team
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