DPLA to participate in the US Ignite Partnership

From an email on the DPLA listserv:

The DPLA is pleased to announce its participation in the White House’s newly announced US Ignite Partnership, a network of communities, campuses, and federal agencies brought together to develop a national 1 gigabit broadband network. The Partnership, which is made up over 100 start-ups, local and state governments, federal agencies, universities, and major tech companies, constitutes an array of initiatives under the umbrella of a new “independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to catalyze 60 advanced, next-generation applications capable of operating on giga-bit broadband networks over the next five years in six areas of national priority.”

This new national network will provide participating communities and campuses with ultra-fast broadband services (1 gigabit per second) and will serve as a testbed for innovative next-generation application design.

The DPLA will participate in the Mozilla Ignite challenge, a Mozilla and National Science Foundation hosted competition for applications which take advantage of the high-bandwidth Internet access to be provided by US Ignite. The goal of the competition is to “imagine and build apps that show the full potential of next-generation networks, in areas that matter — like healthcare, education, energy, manufacturing and public safety.”

You can read more about US Ignite in the White House press release and fact sheet, or watch a video of Mozilla’s Executive Director announcing the project’s launch.