Challenge of eBooks workshop in London, participants needed

The following is an announcement from Ken Chad regarding a JISC study:

The challenge of ebooks: Can you contribute? Workshop in London on Tuesday 21st August

We are investigating the challenges of ebooks in academic institutions and would like to engage, early on in our project, with individuals interested in taking part in a workshop in London on Tuesday 21st August. The aims of this half day (free) event are to:

  1. Help identifying/validate the issues of concern. The overriding themes of the project revolve around the ‘creation, curation and consumption’ of ebooks. The project defines ebook very widely and  covers all forms of digital books including epub format, online books, etextbooks, wiki-based books, open textbooks, digital monographs, open educational resources and other forms of campus-based publishing.
  2. Help with the analysis of the ‘jobs’ (in the sense of the ‘jobs-to-be-done’ methodology) that individuals (students, academics, researchers etc) do for which ebooks may be (potentially) the solution.  

We are looking for a diverse group of 12-20 (max) individuals from a variety of academic institution backgrounds, (inc librarians, academics, educational technologists etc). If you fee able to help and are also prepared to take part in some of the follow up activities (e.g. interviews) contact:

Ken Chad, Email: ke at kenchadconsulting dot com

Further information:-

This is a project to develop a Digital Infrastructure Directions Report for institutions on meeting the challenge of ebooks. It is a collaboration between JISC Innovation, JISC Collections, JISC Digital Media. The project is being managed by Ken Chad Consulting Ltd.  The project started this week and will run until autumn 2012. It will result in a report which will be widely disseminated.


There is a (still early version) project website and blog

Date: Tuesday 21st August 2012

Outline timing;

10am coffee

10:30 start

12:30 finish


We recognise that the event may be oversubscribed. We will acknowledge all expressions of interest and inform people if they should attend.

Many thanks!


Ken Chad Consulting Ltd,