Penguin titles available to 3M Cloud Library customers by end of year

Several stories are popping up today regarding the Penguin ebook pilot project between the NYPL, BPL, and 3M.  They are reporting the possibility of Penguin titles available to all public libraries (with 3M service) by the end of this year.  From the DBW article linked below, “According to an announcement from library e-books provider 3M, Penguin e-books will be sold to all customers using the 3M Cloud Library by the end of the year.”

NYPL, BPL, 3M Officially Launch Penguin Ebook Pilot Test

Penguin E-Books to Appear in Libraries Nationwide by Year End

INFODocket – Expansion Plans:  Penguin E-Books Lending Service Expected to be available for all 3M Cloud Library Customers by end of 2012

3M announcement via Business Wire