Douglas County Libraries releases iOS app for easy downloads

Douglas County Libraries continues to push the boundaries of local library hosting of ebooks.  They recently released a new iOS app so patrons can direct download from their local collection.  David Rothman at Library City has a really nice blog post with all of the details.  The app itself can be found here:

If you aren’t familiar with the work of DCL, then have a listen to an interview I did with their former Collection Development Librarian, Jordana Vincent.  Additional information about their project is available at E-voke.

3 thoughts on “Douglas County Libraries releases iOS app for easy downloads”

  1. Just as a note, the iDCL Reader app for Android has been available since August on the Google Play Store. It works the same way the iOS version does.

    I’m not just posting here because I work for Douglas County Libraries (and in interest of full disclosure, I do work for Douglas County Libraries), but also because I use the Android app and quite like it.

  2. Paul, they’re both useful apps, but as I noted in my post, I found the iOS version to run more smoothly than the Android equivalent from spring. Same for the latest version–even on a tablet with a 1ghz CPU. Delighted to see DCL supporting both platforms, and I’d urge people to try both! Like you, they might have better luck than I did with the current Android version. Got a nice rating in the Play Store , btw, with three or so raters. David

  3. As a director of a municipal library, I follow Douglas closely. Their innovation is a exhilirating for those forging a path in the digital book world. I have used both apps and the iOS version works much smoother. It is something that I am considering as we look to develop one for our library. The response for the Douglas app is tremendous and that is what we all want- To Wow our Customers with Easy Access!

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