Say goodbye to free textbooks, Flat World Knowledge transitions from free to fair pricing

November 5th, 2012 · by spolanka · 1 Comment

I’m really disappointed to hear news from Flat World Knowledge that they will no longer be able to offer a free version of their textbooks. According to an email message sent to faculty, “As the transition to digital has changed student buying trends, one thing has become clear: the free format has become a barrier to our long-term growth and ability to offer a fair and affordable model that works for all our customers, from individual students and instructors to our institutional partners. A change is necessary.”

The full story is posted on the Flat World Knowledge site:

Comments and questions?  Also from the website:  ” The decision to no longer offer free access did not come lightly. Some of you will be disappointed, and we understand. If you have questions, please contact us via email at: or on Twitter: @flat_world and include #free2fair. We are ready to listen and respond.”

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  • 1 Hava // Nov 22, 2012 at 11:56 am

    Maybe a little disappointing, but certainly not surprising. A lot of work goes into publishing these textbooks, and the publisher continued to give away their product online, what would be the point in buying their product? They were shooting themselves in the foot with this policy, and it’s better that they figured this out now, rather than wait until they were bankrupt.