NSR Interviews: 2012 in Review

NSR 2012 Interviews

With 2012 coming to a close, I wanted to take another opportunity to introduce you to the wide array of interviews NSR offered this year. The 2012 interviews highlight  innovative new products and services from librarians, publishers, and information professionals, a focus on information literacy and core competencies, and creative business models.  I hope you will take some time to listen.  Suggestions for 2013 interviews are now being accepted.  Please contact Sue Polanka for more information.  You may also be interested in reading Mirela Roncevic’s post, E-Content in Libraries, 2012 in review.

Delivering eReaders to Homebound Patrons, Rachel Gut, Outreach Service Manager, Dayton Metro Library 11/2012

Rachel and her colleagues launched an eReader lending program for homebound patrons in 2012.  The program started due to the lack of available large print titles.  Rachel offers an overview of the program, details on the readers, and suggestions for funding.  Visit the DML website for Lifelong Learners.


eBooks:  new business models, SERU, and no DRM.  Adam Chesler, Business Expert Press and Momentum Press, 11/2012

Adam is the Director of Library Relations for two start-up presses, Business Expert Press and Momentum Press.  During our interview we discussed the business models of eBooks, DRM, and SERU and the user friendly business models of the presses Adam represents.


BrowZine, from Third Iron, John Seguin, President and Chief Librarian, Third Iron, 10/2012

Third Iron, LLC, released BrowZine, a new app for the iPad in late 2012.  BrowZine combines articles from databases to create full journals, organizes them on shelves arranged by subject, and delivers a reading experience optimized for the iPad.  With BrowZine, users can easily find journals made available by their library, browse titles of interest, and read individual articles or the complete journal.  For more information on BrowZine, visit www.thirdiron.com or download the app at http://itunes.com/apps/browzine.


Interactive eBooks, Core Competencies, and Transliteracy, Miriam Gilbert, Director and Gina Strazzabosco, Vice President, Rosen Publishing, 6/2012

Rosen Publishing launched a new series of interactive eBooks in August.  There are 120 books ranging in subjects that meet the needs of the common core and support transliteracy skills.  The books are fun, colorful, educational, entertaining, and highly interactive.


SAGE Knowledge, Lettie Conrad, Manager, Online Product Management, SAGE, 6/2012

SAGE launched their new eBook platform, SAGE Knowledge in 2012.  It contains about 2500 titles, including SAGE Reference Online titles.  I spoke with Lettie Conrad, Manager of Online Product Management at SAGE about the new platform.


Information Literacy, collaboration, and innovation, Laura Warren, Libraries Thriving and Credo Reference, 6/2012

Libraries Thriving is a Collaborative Space for e-Resource Innovation and Information Literacy promotion, thinking and doing.  The goals of Libraries Thriving are to help libraries realize their possibility for impact and to address challenges; develop case studies of success that can be replicated; and resolve key technical issues that limit progress


3M Cloud Library Matt Tempelis, Cloud Library Global Business Manager, 3M, 3/2012

Matt and I discussed why 3M got into the ebook lending business, the unique features of the 3M Cloud Library, and what the future will bring to the program. 3M also announced an integration with the Polaris Library System, an eReading app for the nook, and pilot projects with Penguin.


Literati: combining technology, content, tools, and services, Mike Sweet, CEO, Credo Reference, 1/2012

Credo Reference launched a service called literati in late 2011.  They adapted the product for public libraries and launched that in June of 2012.  Literati adds a new dimension to Credo Reference and Topic Pages by bringing together technology, content, tools, and services.  It received rave reviews from Columbia students in a case study in late 2012.


iPad Self Check-Out Machines from Mediasurfer, Gary Kirk, President and Jim Nelson, COO of Mediasurfer, 1/2012

MediaSurfer is a stand-alone machine that makes it easy for libraries to automatically lend iPads and other media devices to library patrons, allowing them to borrow the latest mobile technology and embrace digital learning. Whether they choose to focus in a quiet corner of the library, slip down the street to sip coffee while surfing, or escape to the comfort of their own home, MediaSurfer lets library patrons experience the complete freedom of digital mobility.  With a simple swipe of a library and credit card, patrons can use the intuitive touch screen to check out an iPad or other device to use for a designated period of time.