Unglue.it releases two more free ebooks

Really pleased to see additional books becoming unglued through the Unglue.it crowdfunding program.  Congrats to all involved.

January 21, 2013 — Unglue.it, the crowdfunding website for Creative Commons licensed ebooks, has funded and released two more free ebooks, now available for download.

The most recent “unglued book” is So You Want to Be a Librarian, by Lauren Pressley and published by Library Juice Press. It’s aimed at students and others who want to know whether a career in librarianship might be right for them. “It seems fitting that a book about a rapidly changing profession should make use of a cutting edge funding and distribution mechanisms”, said Eric Hellman, President of Gluejar, Inc., the company behind Unglue.it. “Pressley’s book can now evolve in the public common and serve new generations of librarians.”

So You Want to Be a Librarian garnered support from 81 “ungluers”. It can be downloaded for free at https://unglue.it/work/76348/ Library Juice Press books are available at http://libraryjuicepress.com/

Dennis Weiser’s erotic sci-fi thriller The Third Awakening broke new ground in a number of ways. Produced and distributed through Smashwords, its successful campaign showed that Unglue.it can also work for self-published books. Digital files for the unglued edition of  The Third Awakening were generated by Smashwords’ “Meatgrinder” system by special permission. Weiser’s campaign was also the first to succeed since Unglue.it’s relaunch with Stripe as its payment provider. “Stripe performed flawlessly. It’s great to be back in business!” said Hellman. “Smashwords, as much as any other company, is redefining how the publishing industry works, to the great benefit of authors.”

The Third Awakening was supported by 27 “ungluers”. It can be downloaded for free at https://unglue.it/work/113782/  Dennis Weiser has 8 other books available through Smashwords at http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/dcw

About Unglue.it: Unglue.it (http://unglue.it) is a crowdfunding platform which rewards rights holders for making their ebooks available to the world under a Creative Commons license (http://creativecommons.org).  Unglue.it runs campaigns for previously published books, allowing book lovers to pledge toward giving them to the world.  When rights holders’ target prices are reached, they receive funds in exchange for issuing an unglued ebook edition which can be freely read, copied, and shared, noncommercially, worldwide.  For more information, see http://unglue.it/press.

Contact Information:
Eric Hellman
President, Gluejar Inc.