SAGE Open author publication fee discounted to $99 per article

Below is a press release from SAGE regarding the author fees for SAGE Open.  They are lowering them to $99 per article from $395 in 2012.  This is great news for social science and humanities researchers.  When asked why the fee was lowered, SAGE sources said:

SAGE has been a passionate champion of the social sciences since its founding. As supporters of social science research, it is very important to us that scholars within the humanities and social science sector (HSS) are able to publish their work. Our decision to discount the price of SAGE Open to $99 has been made to better support OA publishing in HSS at this early stage of adoption, by making high quality, peer reviewed open access publishing a more accessible option for researchers.

 Additionally, open access publishing and the demand for it is currently increasing more and more. The publication of the Finch report and the RCUK policy shift has meant that scholars are increasingly being required by their institutions or funders to make research immediately available. This is difficult for researchers in the HSS sector who have little or no direct funding. The discounted price therefore supports these researchers, ensuring that they are able to publish their research OA.

Since the SAGE Open launch in 2011, they have received over 1,400 submissions.  They expect submissions to increase significantly as a result of this discount and hope the lower fees will allow more researchers to publish their quality work in SAGE Open.  A SAGE source commented, “we will be delighted to increase the number of articles published.”

I was very curious as to whether libraries were paying for OA fees.  SAGE conducted a survey of accepted authors and found that 17% of respondents who submitted or published a paper in SAGE Open paid or intended to pay their article processing fee using department or institutional funds.  Unfortunately, the library wasn’t a unique response.  I think more libraries will offer to pay OA fees for their faculty in the years to come.

Here is the full press release:

SAGE makes Open Access more accessible to social science and humanities scholars

SAGE Open author publication fee discounted to $99 per article


Los Angeles, CA (January 24, 2013) SAGE, a leading international academic and professional publisher, today announced that the price of publication in SAGE Open has been discounted to $99 per article. SAGE Open, launched in May 2011, was the world’s first broad-based gold open access journal for the social sciences and humanities.


This bold move by the independent publisher aims to make high quality, peer reviewed open access publishing a more accessible option for researchers in the humanities and social sciences, where often little or no direct research funding is available.


“Since our founding nearly fifty years ago, SAGE has championed social science research and recognized the crucial role social science plays in society, so ensuring scholars in these disciplines are able to publish their research is crucial to our mission” said Ziyad Marar, Global Publishing Director, SAGE. He continued,


“With the current increase in demand for open access publication, we recognize that this move is needed urgently: more scholars are being required by their institutions or funders to make research immediately available, without any funding being made available to support them.”


A recent survey revealed more than 70% of accepted authors had personally paid the article processing charge (APC) to enable their research to be published in SAGE Open. Author declarations further show that less than 15% of all articles published across SAGE’s Humanities and Social Sciences portfolio in 2012 had allocated funding.


“This move ensures that authors are able to publish their research Open Access, while maintaining the same standard of high quality peer review, copy editing, typesetting, and electronic delivery you would expect of SAGE as a premier social science publisher,” said Bob Howard, Vice President, US Journals, SAGE.


Since its launch in May 2011, SAGE Open has received more than 1400 manuscripts, and more than 160 articles published. The journal was winner of the 2012 Apex Award for Excellence.


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