EasyBib launches ResearchReady, a cloud-based learning platform to develop research skills while writing

I’m anxious to take a look at this new product from EasyBib.  Students could really benefit from tools such as this, particularly when it comes to avoiding plagiarism.  From the press release:

New York, January 30, 2013 – Today’s student researchers are inundated with information and many don’t have the critical thinking or research skills they need to access and evaluate sources, define their topic, or avoid plagiarism. EasyBib comes to the rescue with its new ResearchReady product – a cloud-based learning platform that helps writers sort through the madness and do truly quality research.

ResearchReady is a perfect tool for both students and teachers. Students use it to learn fundamental, effective, and ethical 21st century research skills – on their own – through a series of multimedia lessons and interactive questions. Educators can adapt the material to their own curriculum through customization and gauge how their students are mastering the skills. And because students can work independently, that frees educators to further cultivate information literacy skills in class.

Using cloud-based technology and jam-packed with customizable content, assessment questions, and reflective exercises, students using ResearchReady will learn how to:


●     Locate relevant information

●     Avoid plagiarism and respect copyright

●     Refine their research strategy

●     Evaluate sources

●     Correctly cite their sources


“EasyBib.com, our flagship product, is used by over 40 million students yearly to cite and organize research,” commented Emily Gover, former academic librarian at Berry College, and now in house librarian at EasyBib. “When we took a careful look at our user behavior and citation data, we realized students needed more. Many of them needed to learn fundamental research skills! A recent study found that, for instance, over a fourth of students did not understand the need to cite a source when paraphrasing or summarizing information.* That’s why we created ResearchReady: to provide a way to teach those skills, which are so essential to critical thinking and citizenship in today’s world.”

ResearchReady can be found at http://www.researchready.com.

EasyBib.com is an information literacy platform providing research, note taking and citation tools. EasyBib’s institutional service helps students avoid plagiarism, evaluate websites, and take notes to improve critical thinking skills. Used by over 40 million students and writers, EasyBib was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in New York City.





*Source: “Are They Ready? Exploring Student Information Literacy Skills in the Transition From Secondary to Tertiary Education.”