OdiloTID enables libraries to directly negotiate with publishers for ebooks, following DCL Model

I received this press release today from Douglas County Libraries about OdiloTID. Interesting to see an international company step up to take on this important role for libraries. Bibliotheca had announced support for this type of service last summer, but I haven’t heard anything from them since.  Here is more from the DCL press release:

OdiloTID to empower libraries to manage their Digital Collections following the “DCL Model” and the ReadersFirst Principles.

OdiloTID, the leading eBook system provider for libraries in Spain and Latin America, is partnering with the library and publisher community to facilitate the adoption of the concepts of the“DCL Model” developed by the Douglas County Libraries, CO. We enable libraries to directly negotiate with publishers and reduce their cost of acquisition of digital content by a third. We provide integration with all major Integrated Library Management Systems through the use of Robust APIs to create a user friendly interface for patrons.

The OdiloTK eBook Management platform provides support for Digital Rights Management (DRM) and non-DRM protected content through either streaming or download of the content. Formats supported by the platform include: Video (MP4, FLV), Music (MP3), Audiobooks (MP3, WMP), PDF, ePub, HTML, and others. Our OdiloPlace solution allows publishers to sell their content directly to libraries, promote their content and obtain statistics on how their content is being used. OdiloTID will work with libraries to achieve these objectives through provision of Adobe Content Server (ACS) fulfillment services, installation, customization, technical support and hosting of the OdiloTID platform by using Cloud Computing technology.

We will be working with the Douglas County Libraries as a development partner to extend and further enrich the platform with functionality that meets the needs of all libraries across the United States.

Jamie LaRue, Director of the Douglas County Libraries states: “Over the past two years we have learned that libraries and publishers can work well together in the new age of digital publishing. Now it’s time to scale our model to the statewide and national levels. Odilo’s proven record in eContent management for libraries will help us move faster to this goal.”

Odilo’s effort to deliver a platform that is built on the key tenets of the “DCL Model” and the Readers’ First principles has the potential of restoring purchasing power to libraries and giving library patrons access to all streams of content; making it a potential national eBook system for libraries to build relationships with not only their patrons but publishers and authors.

Rodrigo Rodríguez, President of OdiloTID for North America states: “I firmly believe that the “DCL Model” and the ReadersFirst Principles will shape the future of eBooks in libraries. For this reason we have created services that allow patrons, libraries, publishers and authors to establish relationships without interference by third parties. We are really excited about working with Douglas County Libraries in order to ensure that every library in North America easily embrace this model.”


About OdiloTID

OdiloTID is a privately held Spain based company which is a spin off from a company with over 25 years’ experience in library services and archive solutions. OdiloTID was created in April 2011 with the objective of specializing in the eBooks and content sector. OdiloTID is exponentially growing every year, serving thousands of organizations in the public and private sector across Europe and Latin America. OdiloTID’s services are present in 45 countries with customers like the Institute Cervantes or the Public National Library System in Chile.