SIPX partners with Elsevier, adding more content for MOOCs, libraries, and users

Academic librarians and publishers, take a look at SIPX.  They are a copyright management  and digital content delivery solution for content owners, libraries, publishers, MOOCs, end users, and others who need to provide or gain access to content in our digital world.    Their June newsletter gives some highlights of who they are, including links to recent presentations they’ve done.  Additionally, I interviewed Franny Lee, SIPX Co-Founder, last month for NSR.  Below is information from their recent newsletter highlighting a partnership with Elsevier.
Elsevier, a world-class content provider of scientific, technical and medical (STM) journals and books, recently became a SIPX partner and joined the SIPX Publisher Advisory Board. Bob Weinschenk, CEO of SIPX, noted that “Elsevier’s breadth and depth of material is outstanding and a critical resource for our higher-education customers.”

By connecting content providers and users in one end-to-end solution, the SIPX service vastly simplifies the identification, pricing, rights clearance, access and overall usability of digital media for today’s post-secondary educational institutions. For publishers and other content providers, SIPX also enables industry-leading analytics to improve the quality and speed of editorial and business decision-making.

Dan Morgan, Senior Manager North America for Universal Access at Elsevier, stated “I am very impressed not only by SIPX’s up-to-date and elegant solutions for clearing content for traditional coursepacks, but also the potential for sustainable engagement with broader courses such as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Their networks and processing capabilities will enable easy geographical and cost experimentation with MOOCs, helping retain value for our content. Additionally, the available reporting should help develop more evidence-based strategies in this emerging, and relatively under-studied, educational space.”

We are also excited to announce additional new customers that have signed up for the SIPX service, including Alliant International University, California Institute of the Arts, and Mount St. Mary’s College. Other new publisher partners are Bioscientifica, Fordham University Press, and M.E. Sharpe. BMJ and Georgetown University Press have joined the SIPX Publisher Advisory Board, and Silverchair has signed on as a platform and service partner.