Douglas County Libraries debuts new blog for authors – The Wire: A Writer’s Resource

Douglas County Libraries (DCL) announces the debut of “The Wire: A Writer’s Resource,” a blog for new and aspiring authors. The new initiative provides information to people hoping to write, publish and find markets for their books, and is a step toward the library’s goal of making locally-produced content available to its audience.

DCL has garnered recent media attention for its efforts to increase the number of e-books available to library patrons, despite roadblocks to library acquisition of e-books from large commercial publishers. A byproduct is the creation of a library-run publishing channel. In a recent “Colorado Matters” interview with Colorado Public Radio’s Elaine Grant, DCL director Jamie LaRue said, “Once we built a publishing platform to reach out to smaller, independent presses, we could also accommodate self-published authors.”

The Wire will provide help for local writers navigating the increasingly muddy waters of both traditional and self-publishing. Articles and links on the site will help authors produce not just books, but good books, by helping connect them with writing coaches, copy editors, designers and other resources. DCL will also work with the community to recruit and provide volunteer reviewers for books submitted to the library through its publishing process.

LaRue said that by eliminating multiple steps from the publishing chain and providing avenues for vetting new content, the library can bring readers closer to authors, the source of new content. “It’s essential to our public mission to gather, organize [and] present to the public the intellectual content of our culture. If we don’t do it, no one else will,” said LaRue.


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