Create custom books with De Gruyter Select

De Gruyter has launched a new service called De Gruyter Select.  It’s PDA and POD wrapped into one, allowing users to create a custom print book with De Gruyter book chapters, newspaper articles, and database content (anything with a “chunk price” in De Gruyter Online).  The press release, below, mentions printing and delivering the book in a few days.  The FAQ adds additional information, including this statement, “you will not gain online access to content if you have only selected it for printing.”  So, it appears users can purchase content to add to their printed De Gruyter Select book that was not available to them online.  Here is more information from the press release:

Berlin, 16 September 2013 – “De Gruyter Select” is a new service that lets customers select and assemble content from various types of publications to create their own custom book, which is then printed and delivered within a few short days.

“Buyers and users of academic publications are increasingly interested in acquiring precisely the content they actually need,” explains Sven Fund, Managing Director of De Gruyter. “De Gruyter Select allows customers to combine newspaper articles, book chapters, and database content into a single printed work.”

The service applies to all articles, chapters, and database content with a “chunk price” at De Gruyter Online. It also applies to all eBooks offered by De Gruyter’s distribution partners. Each book chapter, regardless of length, costs €30.

“This innovative service turns the customer into his own publisher, allowing him to print just the content he desires,” Fund says. Customers can define their own title and subtitle for the book, and determine the order in which content appears. The aggregate price of the content contained in the book determines its purchase price.

After ordering, the book is printed and delivered directly to the customer within a week.

“Following the introduction of services such as Open Access for eBooks and Patron Driven Acquisition, which are primarily for library customers, we’re very pleased to now offer scholars and teachers a new way to get the highest-quality academic content,” says Fund.