Paratext’s Reference Universe updates interface

Yesterday, Paratext’s Reference Universe launched several new enhancements to the interface.  The enhancements were completed based on suggestions from library clients.  For those not familiar with Reference Universe, here is a brief description, taken from the website:  Reference Universe includes data not contained in any other serviceand is designed to illuminate your library’s carefully-crafted collection at the deepest possible level.  It contains dense metadata to over 45,000 electronic and print encyclopedias, unlocking previously overlooked content, expanding the boundaries and opening up new pathways of research.

Highlights include:

  •  Fewer Clicks. Selecting a Title from your results sets will now immediately show all relevant article titles and index entries on a single page; emphasizing the unique metadata found only through Reference Universe.
  • Clearer Results. Distinguish between electronic and print titles with one simple click.
  • Cleaner View. Enhanced graphics now provide both a cleaner “look” and smoother navigation.


View the guide here for additional information on the interface changes.  Text of those changes below.

New Features Include:
A. Quickly Identify Format – Reference Universe permits you to see all relevant content regardless of format.
B. Titles now link to index entries and articles. Titles now direct users to unique Reference Universe metadata.
C. Browse metadata with tabs – Article-level and index-level metadata now featured on a single page.
D. Launch Access – Quickly locate corresponding eBook source or local holdings data for print edition.