Negotiating with vendors, 91% of librarians do not have a documented process

Last week at the Charleston Conference, Matt Dunie, President of Data-Planet, presented with colleagues Carl Grant and Mike Gruenberg in a session entitled, “Secrets in Vendor Negotiations.”  In preparation for this event, Matt sent a short survey (11 questions) to librarians to inquire about their preparations before vendor negotiations.

Highlights of the survey:

  • 239 respondents to the survey, 95% of whom identified as academic librarians.
  • 67% work with 25-50+ vendors
  • 85% of respondents are part of a decision making committee, recommendation team or have some influence on the decision and are NOT the sole decision maker at their organization
  • 91% do NOT have a document negotiation process for the acquisition of products and services
Matt shared the results of his survey with those who responded and gave me permission to post them here.  Vendor negotiation survey results – survey Dunie  He also shared his PPT slides  Dunie slides with the survey results and some quotes from the respondents.  Matt said he was extremely pleased with the interest in this topic at the Charleston Conference.
Here is the full program description from the Charleston Conference site:  Libraries purchase, license, lease or otherwise acquire a multitude of services from a variety of vendors. Whether the library is negotiating for content from a publisher on subscriptions, or perpetual lease, or if the library is acquiring new technology or services from outside or affiliate organizations, the staff responsible for negotiations can ensure better results in terms of price & performance if armed with more knowledge, proven strategies and actionable intelligence.

Based on decades of complex content and technology negotiations from the vendor perspective, and dozens of interviews of information professionals tasked with negotiations for products & services — This provides actionable takeaways that attendees will be able to use immediately in their negotiations with all vendors – technology, content, and service providers. Attendees will be able to gain greater efficiency from their budgets, more clarity in vendor deliverables / reduction of renewal surprises / increased return on product investment and better understanding of vendors’ motivations. Attendees are encouraged bring real-life examples to the session.