Princeton University Press partners with De Gruyter for distribution

I received news from De Gruyter about a new partnership with Princeton University Press.  The official announcement will be released tomorrow, but I was able to speak with Sven Fund, Managing Director, De Gruyter, for more information about this partnership.  The official press release is below.

Is this partnership with Princeton University Press exclusive?

This agreement is non-exclusive. Princeton UP will work with other distributors as well. We are confident that both our business models and our user friendly policy including price parity with print editions, unlimited simultaneous users and perpetual access are compelling to library customers.

Will this partnership include ebooks only or journals as well?

For Princeton University Press, we are adding just eBooks, since the press does not publish journals. For those partners that publish journals, we offer their addition to our partnership as well. So far, we have added 56 journals with over one million pages of backfiles from our publishing partners.

 How many new titles will be added?

The partnership will launch with the addition of nearly 1400 current and backlist Princeton University Press eBooks to the De Gruyter Online catalog.  PUP will also offer some 1200 titles from The Princeton Legacy Library.  We have agreed to add roughly 100 new titles per annum.

With Princeton University Press, our Publishing Partner program has grown to ten partners, and in total they add approximately 900 frontlist titles every year. The backlist, including Harvard’s and Böhlau’s edition stands at 14,000 titles.

You recently announced EPUB3 format for De Gruyter titles, will the Princeton UP titles be in EPUB3 format as well?

De Gruyter announced EPUB3 for all of its titles starting with the copyright year 2014 just this month, as one of the first academic publishers in the world. We hadn’t the chance to discuss this with Princeton UP yet, but we are glad that the majority of our partners participate in offering EPUB3.

In 2012 you released a white paper on a new patron driven acquisition model.  How are things going with the new model?

We are happy with the uptake of our Patron Driven Acquisition model, since it offers in our view a sustainable model for both libraries and publishers. That puts it apart from many models like short term loan. For Princeton UP, all ebooks will be included in our PDA model, together with all Harvard UP, Penn Press and other publisher partner titles. I am sure this makes our PDA offer one of the most attractive ones in the world.

Official Press Release from De Guyter:

Princeton University Press Signs Distribution Partnership with De Gruyter

Berlin/Princeton, 4 June 2014 –Princeton University Press has granted De Gruyter non-exclusive global distribution rights to its eBooks. PUP is one of the world’s most respected university presses, publishing in all areas of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

Princeton University Press Director Peter J. Dougherty believes that the partnership will increase the global dissemination of work from the top scholars and scientists published by the Press. “We are impressed with De Gruyter’s digitization strategy and innovative business models. We expect their marketing and distribution reach to expand our access to global markets, particularly in Europe,” Dougherty explains.

The partnership will launch with the addition of nearly 1400 current and backlist Princeton University Press eBooks to the De Gruyter Online catalog. PUP will also offer some 1200 titles from The Princeton Legacy Library. The first phase of this initiative begins in summer 2014, bringing back into print previously out of print titles designed to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

“Acquiring Princeton University Press as our tenth publisher partner is further testimony to our digitization strategy,” says Dr. Sven Fund, Managing Director of De Gruyter. “PUP’s English-language eBooks will significantly augment the attractiveness of our portfolio to libraries worldwide.”


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