eBook, eLibrary, and ePublishing News For the Week Ending August 10

bibaI am the former Editor-in-Chief of TeleRead, the Internet’s first blog devoted to ebooks.  I now run a curated Twitter feed devoted to ebooks, elibraries, and epublishing.

This is a listing of those feeds for the week ending August 10.  A new listing will be published on No Shelf Required each Sunday evening.

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This is the best damn analysis of the Amazon/Hachette debate. A must read. https://t.co/xqgu4SRGk8

Question: Hachette illegally conspired to fix ebook prices. How much of their credibility does this destroy? [no link]

Ofcom: UK audience for digital news shifting to mobile http://t.co/CgVpTAbqAs

Corporate Blues: On Eoin Purcell’s Amazon Appointment http://t.co/juyHjdCETL

For a historical perspective on paperbacks vs ebooks @MikeShatzkin weighs in with some fascinating insider tales http://t.co/dZnZEhJLIS

Self-Publishers Aren’t Killing The Industry, They’re Saving It http://t.co/y1nAFrQUk4

Excellent analysis of eBook pricing strategies http://t.co/iw1bdtj9xp

Copyright Changes Hit Canadian Publishers Hard http://t.co/kJP8yQulit

Chronicling America Now Provides Access to More Than 8 Million Digitized Pages from Hist Newspapers http://t.co/61D3dmLPnA

U.S. Air Force Wants to Learn About Companies That Can Provide Them With a Secure, Pre-Loaded E-Reader http://t.co/jfa3e5paGe

909 Authors Waste a Hundred Thousand Dollars on Ad Castigating Amazon http://t.co/p2zNQEC7jT

Readers in the UK own more Print Books Than eBooks http://t.co/Wto99fFGBJ

This Librarian Is Not Impressed With Your Digital, No-Books Library http://t.co/m2dEWb4vUi

NSR Post: SirsiDynix and Total Boox announce partnership http://t.co/kCsSKL1bam

According to The Bookseller [subs only], Eoin Purcell is going to Amazon Publishing UK (no link)

900 authors ask Amazon to stop Hachette dispute in full-page NYT ad Sunday http://t.co/pmRLg1ZAyc

Current promising e-paper technologies http://t.co/iShJkHLbqm

A Quick and Dirty eBook with Calibre http://t.co/feCDVLYqTH

Ebooks Drive Profits at Big Publisher http://t.co/4Qh6TE7kZC

Darwin Online Digitizes the Complete Library of the HMS Beagle http://t.co/GTAttyvwpV

Scribd Builds New Discovery Experience, Mix of Human and Machine Ebook Picks, Abandons BISAC http://t.co/xm3NL18DXQ

Scribd Redesigns Browser For eBook Subscription Service http://t.co/vn4HzHlv3R

Libraries and Kindle Unlimited http://t.co/enXIJWq755

Japanese Government To Fund Translations of Books http://t.co/kV2uEJjJ2x

Augmented Reality and the Future of Publishing http://t.co/dmcVfXowMc

Digital Textbooks Are Evolving College Students Learning Experiences: BISG Report http://t.co/pH97sO6FWy

Is Print Really Killing Publishers? http://t.co/jpbfuWLVwh

National Geographic joins Scribd http://t.co/xu6fSXrHlo

Earlier: A chart to evaluate what’s in the public domain http://t.co/wlGM4ie7o0

Bookeen arrive sur le marché du #Brésil en partenariat avec Saraiva http://t.co/fHNzFq3ETr

Updated NOOK GlowLight ebook reader launches in UK http://t.co/vfg6rzgO1Q

NOOK GlowLight ereader – review http://t.co/3dpj9u0Bko

HarperCollins UK Launches the Killer Reads Digital Imprint http://t.co/5ZlduR1G27

DCL Ebook Report for August 2014 http://t.co/xgcH8kOBFb

With All “Big Five” Ebooks Now Available, Ebook Vendors Assess the Road Ahead http://t.co/kxNNweifmP

Bowker: Print Book Production Slipped in 2013 http://t.co/nX0LAyEVup

Hachette Ebooks Now Available From EBSCO http://t.co/l5erkpkV0H

Hear, See and Speak – No Used eBooks? http://t.co/dCi3ZLRpSO

A perfect e-bookstore? “Maybe each one of us” | FutureBook http://t.co/czNaNGpQxW

Sony reads the future, quits e-reader market says German report http://t.co/WtRqo9mZlQ

Netronix Demos new e-Reader with Wacom Technology http://t.co/ymJbzTIVEK

Another Legal Victory Keeps Sherlock Holmes In The Public Domain http://t.co/0CJpUbU9wL

LJ INFOdocket University of Georgia: “E-readers may edge out traditional print, despite learning quality” http://t.co/bHxchaRNPy

Google Play Books 101: Managing your library http://t.co/rlKrzmuqUL

84% of Publishers Plan to make eBooks in 2014 http://t.co/bGZuXlmyak

Worldreader 10,000 E-Books for AIDS Orphans in Uganda http://t.co/7HZzSvbGMy

NASA is Giving Away Free eBooks http://t.co/ThU7kZSexx

Canadian Expeditionary Forces Photos, a photo history of Canada and the Great War http://t.co/Zd378bEjTX

Start-up Digital Publisher to Crowd-Source Ebook Plots http://t.co/QFYXTVKFaA

Publishers still waiting for the tablet revolution http://t.co/Wy5MxqGQcz

Report: U.S. Leads World in Library Ebook Lending http://t.co/IdV9KqiU3N