World Book’s new and improved Early World of Learning

I took a spin through World Book’s new Early World of Learning.  It’s now optimized for iPads (although my test run was on my PC) and offers three interactive learning environments designed for easy integration into classroom and library programming.  These environments are:

  • Trek’s Travels
  • Welcome to Reading
  • Know It

The interface is extremely bright, colorful, and interesting.  It offers users the ability to read, play, watch, and print and do various activities.   I enjoyed the video and audio that included an assortment of voices – males and females with a variety of accents and local dialects.  The text included read along features, highlighting each word as the narrator read it.  Information was delivered in small pieces, which seems great for kids.  Navigation was easy and intuitive.

Some of the features of the new product include:
• Rich collection of educational, interactive games.
• Robust collection of educator resources, including an
educator guide and print-and-do activities.
• Configurable settings and measures by The Lexile® Framework
for Reading in Welcome to Reading and Trek’s Travels.
• All stories in Trek’s Travels are available in
both English and Spanish.
• Correlations to Common Core, state,
and provincial standards.