eBook, eLibrary, and ePublishing News For the Week Ending August 24

bibaI am the former Editor-in-Chief of TeleRead, the Internet’s first blog devoted to ebooks.  I now run a curated Twitter feed devoted to ebooks, elibraries, and epublishing.

This is a listing of those feeds for the week ending August 24.  A new listing will be published on No Shelf Required each Sunday evening.

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The Advantages of Dyslexia – Scientific American http://t.co/b5Fvjt8q7J

“Amazon doubles storage of Kindle Paperwhite in lieu of full hardware update” http://t.co/VPWmwlxnKS

LJ’s infoDOCKET @infodocket Award Winning “Touch Van Gogh” App From Van Gogh Museum Adds More Works to Examine Online http://t.co/Ho4WQqIRo4

New Kobo eReader Clears the FCC, Has Wifi and a 6.8″ Screen http://t.co/8w0o44TD6P

Digital Apps For Early Learning: A Glimpse At Kumon Publishing http://t.co/pMFUwyZN8v

Flipboard Will be Displaying Video Advertisements in Digital Magazines http://t.co/fDKc8J5c9i

Amazon’s Grandinetti: Agents, Publishers, Retailers Not ‘Really Necessary http://t.co/Qz31cfwNQH

FlightDeck Tool from eBook Architects Officially Launches https://t.co/Dp32SxyiO2

eBOUND Canada: Book Marketing Game Plan for Small Publishers http://t.co/F4CaGVH58y

The best general reading apps for Android http://t.co/F8BdLtpySP

TorrentFreak @torrentfreak U.S. Court Grants Order to Wipe Pirate Sites from the Internet http://t.co/uL0o0MwXFI

Iceland Writers @IcelandWriters Learn all about Iceland’s literary heritage on our new blog! http://t.co/oAkpo67rU6

Test an EPUB File With FlightDeck http://t.co/VnFKZcRKhq

Digital magazines: glass half-empty or half-full? http://t.co/Owrq9UYRiW

Open Road Integrated Media Donates 260+ Books to Worldreader http://t.co/Y9e0Pp1mpG

My Audiobook Library Hopes to Expand Collection to 55,000 Titles http://t.co/wOwtw2gkKI

Roxane Gay Some enterprising women are holding a women writers conference this fall. Kickstart the hell out of this: https://t.co/viHEVlEAdG

davidrothman @davidrothman On tablets and parental role models for young readers: How #schools and #libraries can TOGETHER connect the dots http://t.co/cyq18BByGa

Jose Afonso Furtado @jafurtado Delaware Passes Law Which Makes eBooks and Other Digital Content Inheritable http://t.co/4EyR0C88PO

Are You Sure the Description of Your Book at Amazon Is Your Latest One? http://t.co/IgqUQYN9WF

GigaOm is Wrong to Call Kindle Worlds a Bust http://t.co/2FedJKfZaB

Barnes & Noble launches the $179 Galaxy Tab 4 Nook http://t.co/HXhWHaoyVu

Samsung and Barnes & Noble Introduce New Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 NOOK® (press release) http://t.co/cp9FmHFUOv

Hands On: B&N and Samsung’s Co-Branded Nook Tablet Comes Bundled with $200 in Content http://t.co/d2goVyK2AQ

Three More Books of Hours http://t.co/caTLggcWXl

Edward Nawotka @EdNawotka Looking for an Indie Bookstore? Look No Further! – Writer Kate Brittain has created a one-stop database of America http://t.co/xDkk5M6Mf3

HarperCollins Launches Their Third eBook Bundle Program http://t.co/4l7yTIxYN9

CB infographic: eBooks advance in Dutch-language market’s second quarter http://t.co/EMcX8TFGCt

Kindle Owners Tend Not to Remember Key Plot Points http://t.co/IPWO72jLhH

Introducing: #WattpadBookClub http://t.co/b8xgyh9wt5

EBSCO’s eBook Collection Continues to Expand with Release of 12 New Subject Sets http://t.co/oiDZcKNgQ1

Would You Want to Work In a Bookless Library? http://t.co/9B8YyTdBof

Utah: College Students Prefer Traditional Textbooks to E-Books, Bookstore Officials Say http://t.co/4d1zn2fOeb

Mellon Grant Advances Library Digitization Efforts http://t.co/4xQMm6GqBd

Ellora’s Cave Cuts Staff, Blames Big Amazon eBook Sales Drop http://t.co/7yNQgpM8YQ

Self-publishing startup Blurb signs book distribution deals with Amazon & Ingram http://t.co/sRoodKS3al

calibre 2.0 released http://t.co/v7M4a6TF1h

HarperCollins Experiments with a Humble Bundle eBook Campaign http://t.co/ykG4d0UMsi

E-learning platform Moodle Mobile arrives on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone http://t.co/KsSqH809Fv

Infographic: The Dutch eBook Market, by the Numbers http://t.co/lbNSxwFUzj

Have e-Readers been Superseded by Multifunction Tablets and Smartphones? http://t.co/7rH06mejU5

Calibre Tries to Appeal towards eBook Creators http://t.co/8sHWAVfiMV

A simple strap can boost your comfort when ereading http://t.co/TqM6TPJnvZ

Literary Journals For E-Readers http://t.co/Pr5cN3svOi

Apple Opens Battery Replacement Program For Affected iPhone 5 Units http://t.co/xz2O2MtmkW