Free webcast on optimizing metadata for the library market

Join Digital Book World on Tuesday, October 21 at 12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT / 5:00pm GMT for a free webcast where you will learn how to optimize your metadata for the library market.

Authors and publishers know that high-quality metadata can be a game-changer when it comes to the discoverability of their titles. That’s no less true for library content. Every librarian wants to help patrons find the right titles in their library’s collection, and there is now expanding array of ways publishers can help that happen.

Join Nicole Arbuckle, VP, Metadata Services, and Karen Anderson, Authorities Librarian, both of Backstage Library Works for a webcast exploring the latest best practices for library metadata creation and management. Nicole and Karen will explain the standard metadata format used in libraries, what specific metadata is most helpful and how publishers can benefit from cultivating a better understanding libraries’ metadata needs.

Who Should Attend:

  • Publishers
  • Authors
  • Distributors and aggregators working directly with libraries
  • Digital content developers working with metadata

Attendees Will Learn:

  • The current metadata standards for libraries and best practices for implementing them
  • What the terms MARC21, AACR2 and RDA mean for authors and publishers preparing their content for libraries
  • How to leverage controlled vocabularies and authorized headings in order to improve titles’ discoverability
  • A close look at how libraries share metadata and what authors and publishers can do to take best advantage
  • Tools and strategies to enrich metadata for libraries to improve discoverability

Nicole Arbuckle, VP, Metadata Services, Backstage Library Works
Karen Anderson, Authorities Librarian, Backstage Library Works

Moderator: Jeremy Greenfield, Editorial Director, Digital Book World