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Emery-Pratt and ebook distribution, an interview with Byron Shattuck

Earlier this week Byron Shattuck, Director of Business Development for Emery-Pratt, stopped by Wright State to visit with us.  I was able to have a quick interview with him to discuss the ebook offerings available from Emery-Pratt and discuss the  implications of a used ebook market and the most popular business models in our industry.  Byron’s interview can be found on the NSR interviews page, along with 50+ others from librarians, publishers, and information industry professionals.

More on Emery-Pratt:

  • book distributors since 1873
  • over 9 million titles in print/e formats in the Emery-Pratt catalog
  • work with ebrary, EBL, and MyiLibrary platforms or individual publishers
  • multiple business models available, including patron driven
  • public, academic, and hospital library content

SIPX offers web based digital copyright services, an interview with Franny Lee, Co-Founder

SIPX, Inc., a company providing web based service for digital copyright management and delivery, announced today several new library and publishing partners.  SIPX (pronounced SIP-ex) developed from a research project at Stanford university just nine months ago.  It appears they are off to a great start.  The press release about the new partners is below.  If you’d like a more first hand, personal account of SIPX, then I encourage you to listen to the interview I had with Franny Lee, a SIPX Co-Founder and VP of University Relations and Product Development.  Franny and I discussed the services, business model, and benefits of SIPX for libraries, MOOCs, and publishers.

Franny Lee’s interview and 50+ more are available on the NSR interviews page. Continue reading SIPX offers web based digital copyright services, an interview with Franny Lee, Co-Founder

What’s behind Gale’s partnerships with the Smithsonian, Associated Press, & National Geographic? NSR interviews Jim Draper for insight

gale digital collections

Library vendors bringing e-content to libraries have in recent years taken different routes to draw attention to their long-term business strategies. Some have aggressively pursued new publishing initiatives — releasing more original content and adding it to their e-offerings; others have focused on perfecting the functionalities of the digital products already available to libraries. Gale’s mission has been distinct its own right and deserves a closer look, namely owing to the series of announcements in the last year pointing to the company’s newly formed alliances with some of the world’s most reputable organizations, including  The National Geographic, the Smithsonian, and, as of April 2013, the Associated Press.

Just what is the ultimate long-term goal behind these partnerships for a library vendor already known for a robust list of library-oriented products and services? Is Gale’s main mission moving forward to cement its role as the preeminent distributor of the world’s journalistic and historical content? Can we expect more partnerships in the future? NSR reached out to Jim Draper, VP and General Manager for Gale (part of Cengage Learning), to shed light on what these partnerships mean for the future of Gale, its partners, and the wider research community.

Note: This interview does not include any discussion of the recent “restructuring news,” as Gale is currently not providing information beyond what’s already been released to the public last week. Per CEO Michael Hansen’s prepared remarks, we can “expect to see a real shift to a user-and sales-led culture [at Gale] that is focused on delivering innovative customer solutions. We have placed an emphasis on coordinated speed across the organization to accelerate innovation.”–MR

Continue reading What’s behind Gale’s partnerships with the Smithsonian, Associated Press, & National Geographic? NSR interviews Jim Draper for insight

SciELO open access ebooks, an interview with Nicholas Cop

Open Access ebook collections are on the rise. One of the newer collections is SciELO (pronounced like the initials C-L-O).  The SciELO ebooks operation began in March of 2012 and officially announced itself to the international community last month.  I interviewed Nicholas Cop, President of Nicholas Cop Consulting and principle consultant of the SciELO program this week.  The interview is in English.  Those needing more information about SciELO in Spanish or Portuguese are asked to visit the website at

Here is more information about SciELO:

What is SciELO?

SciELO is a Program of the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) that is implemented through the Federal University of São Paulo Foundation (FapUNIFESP). SciELO began in 1998 as an OA academic e-journal operation. Today it is known and respected globally for indexing and publishing peer-reviewed Open Access academic e-journals that promote the advancement of research by facilitating the communication of its results. SciELO’s goals have always been to increase the visibility, access and impact of research from emerging and developing countries. SciELO publishes over 1000 journal titles mainly from Latin America and Caribbean but also including Portugal, Spain and South Africa. Each day an average of over 1M articles are downloaded from the SciELO site. Continue reading SciELO open access ebooks, an interview with Nicholas Cop

eBook updates and must reads from ALAMW Conference

I attended the American Library Association MidWinter Conference in Seattle, Washington January 26 -29th.  While there, I was able to speak with several eBook companies about new features and services.  Below you will find a list of companies (alpha order) and new features complete with links for more information.

I also want to bring your attention to a few must read reports.  First, the ALA Digital Content & Libraries Working Group publication, Ebook Business Models:  A Scorecard for Public Libraries.   Second, The Pew Internet Library Services in the Digital Age report. Finally, the Scholastic Kids and Family Reading Report (4th Edition).  The latter reports provide excellent data to help understand user needs in our digital age. Continue reading eBook updates and must reads from ALAMW Conference

Interview with Kari Paulson, President of EBL and Kevin Sayar, Senior VP of ProQuest

picture of Kari Paulson and Kevin Sayar
Sayar and Paulson discuss acquisition plans during the ALAMW conference in Seattle.

Last week, ProQuest announced a definitive agreement to acquire EBL.  I had a chance to interview two of the primary individuals involved in this acquisition, Kari Paulson, President of EBL, and Kevin Sayar, Senior Vice President of ProQuest.  Kari and Kevin discussed with me how the acquisition plans developed, what customers can expect in the next 18 months, and how customers can relay feedback to both companies.

This interview and over 50 others are available on the No Shelf Required interviews page.

Safari Books Acquires PubFactory Interface from RDW Group

Interesting news from Safari Books and RDW Group regarding the acquisition of the PubFactory technology interface.  I have featured the PubFactory interface and it’s development team in previous posts and interviews (Tom Beyer and Marc Segers).  I’m happy to see it is growing.  Here is the official press release on the acquisition by Safari.  Below is a blog post from Andrew Savikas, CEO of Safari Books Online.
Welcoming the PubFactory Team to Safari Books Online

For some time now, we’ve admired the work of PubFactory, a team within RDW Group’s iFactory division that builds powerful systems for delivering mixed content like books, videos, journals, and reference databases through the web for publishers like Oxford University Press, Sage Publications, DeGruyter, Cengage Learning, Harvard University Press and Bloomsbury. Continue reading Safari Books Acquires PubFactory Interface from RDW Group

NSR Interviews: 2012 in Review

NSR 2012 Interviews

With 2012 coming to a close, I wanted to take another opportunity to introduce you to the wide array of interviews NSR offered this year. The 2012 interviews highlight  innovative new products and services from librarians, publishers, and information professionals, a focus on information literacy and core competencies, and creative business models.  I hope you will take some time to listen.  Suggestions for 2013 interviews are now being accepted.  Please contact Sue Polanka for more information.  You may also be interested in reading Mirela Roncevic’s post, E-Content in Libraries, 2012 in review.

Continue reading NSR Interviews: 2012 in Review

Interview with John Seguin, President & Chief Librarian of Third Iron, who recently released the iPad app, BrowZine

Last week, I posted a press release from Third Iron, a company founded by a librarian, John Seguin.  Third Iron released an iPad app called BrowZine.  This app allows patrons the ability to browse open access journals and library subscription journals (library subscription required) and keep track of articles on individual devices.  As was stated in the Press Release, “BrowZine combines articles from databases to create full journals, organizes them on shelves arranged by subject, and delivers a reading experience optimized for the iPad.  With BrowZine, users can easily find journals made available by their library, browse titles of interest, and read individual articles or the complete journal.”

I spoke to John to get more information on how BrowZine works, which you can listen to in our interview. John’s interview, and 50 others, are on the NSR interviews page. Continue reading Interview with John Seguin, President & Chief Librarian of Third Iron, who recently released the iPad app, BrowZine

Rosen Publishing offers new Interactive eBooks – an interview with Miriam Gilbert and Gina Strazzabosco

Rosen Publishing will be launching a new series of interactive eBooks this August.  There are 120 books ranging in subjects that meet the needs of the common core and support transliteracy skills.  I spoke with Miriam Gilbert, Director, Rosen Digital and Gina Strazzabosco, Vice President, Rosen Publishing, this past weekend to find out more about the program.  Their interview is available on the NSR interviews page.