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ProQuest completes acquisition of EBL

Last January ProQuest  announced a definitive agreement to acquire EBL.  Today, they are announcing that the acquisition of EBL has been completed.  The details from the press release are below.   You may also be interested in listening to an interview I conducted with two of the primary individuals involved in this acquisition, Kari Paulson, formerly President of EBL and now Vice President and General Manager of the combined ebrary and EBL e-book business unit, and Kevin Sayar, Senior Vice President of ProQuest.  Kari and Kevin discussed with me, back in January, how the acquisition plans developed, what customers can expect in the next 18 months, and how customers can relay feedback to both companies.  It doesn’t sound like they have strayed much from the plans laid out back in January.  The press release highlights the same details 5 months later – combine the strongest features of both platforms, actively solicit customer feedback, no disruption to customers during the estimated 18 month integration, and continue to work with current EBL/ProQuest representatives.  Continue reading

ebrary releases two new ebook subscription databases – Military Complete and Project Management

April 8, 2013 – Palo Alto, CA, USA ebrary®, a ProQuest business, is significantly expanding support for corporate and government libraries with two new e-book subscription databases, Military Complete™ and Project Management. The company has also added more than 4,900 new titles to its Government Complete™ collection.

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ebrary and ProQuest content discoverable in single, integrated search

Good news for ebook discovery.

April 9, 2013 (ANN ARBOR, Mich.) — ProQuest is streamlining research by enabling ebrary® and ProQuest® content to be discovered within a single search experience. Now, researchers can surface e-books side-by-side with relevant reports, videos, journal and newspaper articles and more in one step. The advance in searching comes via linking technology that enables users to navigate seamlessly from search results to the platform that best supports the content they want to explore. Continue reading

ebrary launches new German-language e-book database

4,500 hundred titles in this new German-language collection featuring several prominent publishers.  Subscription pricing available. More from the press release:

ebrary Launches Deutsche Sammlung – Company releases German-language e-book subscription database covering multiple disciplines

Palo Alto, CA – March 12, 2013 – ebrary®, a ProQuest business, today announced a new German-language e-book subscription database for academic libraries. The ebrary Deutsche Sammlung collection includes STM, humanities and arts disciplines – and features more than 4,500 titles from publishers such as De Gruyter, Aarhus University Press, International Monetary Fund, Ohne Verlag, and Frank & Timme GmbH. The collection can be subscribed to on its own, or in conjunction with the award-winning Academic Complete™ collection.

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eBook updates and must reads from ALAMW Conference

I attended the American Library Association MidWinter Conference in Seattle, Washington January 26 -29th.  While there, I was able to speak with several eBook companies about new features and services.  Below you will find a list of companies (alpha order) and new features complete with links for more information.

I also want to bring your attention to a few must read reports.  First, the ALA Digital Content & Libraries Working Group publication, Ebook Business Models:  A Scorecard for Public Libraries.   Second, The Pew Internet Library Services in the Digital Age report. Finally, the Scholastic Kids and Family Reading Report (4th Edition).  The latter reports provide excellent data to help understand user needs in our digital age. Continue reading

Interview with Kari Paulson, President of EBL and Kevin Sayar, Senior VP of ProQuest

picture of Kari Paulson and Kevin Sayar
Sayar and Paulson discuss acquisition plans during the ALAMW conference in Seattle.

Last week, ProQuest announced a definitive agreement to acquire EBL.  I had a chance to interview two of the primary individuals involved in this acquisition, Kari Paulson, President of EBL, and Kevin Sayar, Senior Vice President of ProQuest.  Kari and Kevin discussed with me how the acquisition plans developed, what customers can expect in the next 18 months, and how customers can relay feedback to both companies.

This interview and over 50 others are available on the No Shelf Required interviews page.

ProQuest to acquire EBL, ebrary and EBL services to merge

ProQuest has done it again.  Just two years after the acquisition of ebrary, they announced today plans to acquire EBL.  EBL, a global ebook aggregator, was founded in 2004 and offers over 300,000 titles in their collection.  They have long been a competitor for ebrary, offering similar monograph content to academic and special libraries worldwide.

Library customers of ebrary and EBL can expect business as usual until the conclusion of the approval period.  After that however, the tides will change.  Responding to specific questions from No Shelf Required,  Kevin Sayar, Senior Vice President, ProQuest Workflow Solutions, said, “Until the approval period is over, ProQuest/ebrary and EBL will operate as separate companies with their respective content and acquisition models remaining the same. Customers for both companies will not experience any changes at this time. ebrary and EBL shared around 200 publishers, and have most of the big ones in common. There are some publishers that ebrary has and EBL does not and vice versa, so respective customers could potentially gain more content upon the deal closing. After closing the deal, the best features of EBL and ebrary will be combined on a single platform after approximately 18 months.  At this point the timeline is a target and is subject to change.” Continue reading

ebrary launches Nordic Collection

December 18, 2012 – Palo Alto, CA, USA – ebrary®, a ProQuest business, today announced that it is forging ahead with its efforts to support non-English language programs for customers around the world. The company is launching a new e-book subscription database, ebrary Nordic Collection™, as well as recently acquired content from renowned German publishers including Verlag C.H. Beck, W. Bertelsmann Verlag (WBV), and Frank & Timme. Continue reading

ebrary’s Academic Complete awarded LJ’s Best E-book Database

Congratulations to ebrary on receiving the Best E-book Database award from Library Journal.

More from the press release: 

November 1, 2012 – Palo Alto, CA, USA – ebrary®, a ProQuest business, today announced that its flagship e-book subscription collection, Academic Complete™, has been awarded the title of Library Journal’s Best E-book Database.  The award, which was voted on by numerous reference librarians, further strengthens Academic Complete’s position as the best valued e-book database in the industry and marks the second highly esteemed title for Academic Complete in addition to the CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title (OAT) designation.

“With Academic Complete approaching its 10th anniversary, we are very grateful to be recognized as a quality e-book database by our customers,” said Kevin Sayar, President and General Manager of ebrary. “We look forward to increasing the value of our flagship product as it is an integral part of librarians’ e-book acquisition strategies.” Continue reading

ebrary launches K-12 Math Pack to align with common core standards

From an ebrary press release:

To help K-12 libraries acquire e-books more strategically, ebrary®, a ProQuest business, has added hundreds of relevant e-books across acquisition models, which provide libraries with the best value when combined. Diversifying acquisition models is a key component of ebrary’s three-step approach: Transition, Diversify, and Streamline™.

ebrary’s renamed the Schools and Educators Complete™ subscription database, which has been updated with thousands of new e-books from renowned publishers such as ALA Editions, ASCD, Classroom Complete, and National Science Teacher Association. The highly affordable database now includes a growing selection of more than 8,500 titles with unlimited, multi-user access and a wealth of information in professional development and training resources.  Moreover, almost 4,500 titles in the database have relevance to state, national or provincial curriculum standards – with coverage of all common core subjects – including English Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, and Information Literacy/Technology.  Continue reading