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Enhanced e-books and “portal books” – publisher/library partnerships

The following is the second post from Sylvia Miller, Project Director, “The Long Civil Rights Movement,” University of North Carolina Press.  This post discusses enhanced e-books and “portal books,” those that offer multimedia links from annotations within the book.

This is a follow up to a recent posting on what we have learned from the LCRM Project’s online publishing pilot.

This blog post has two sections:

1.  Publisher-library partnerships and enhanced e-books
2.  Links to related “portal books” projects and enhanced e-books Continue reading

Lessons Learned: The UNC Press ‘Long Civil Rights Movement’ pilot project summarized

Sylvia Miller, Project Director for “Publishing the Long Civil Rights Movement,” University of North Carolina Press has given me permission to post in entirety, the following.  It is a summary of the Long Civil Rights Movement pilot project, which took place over the past 14 months.

This post contains 4 sections:

1. Close of the online pilot
2. The expected, the unexpected, and in between
3. What did we learn?
4. What is next for the LCRM Project?

Coming soon:  A follow-up post on enhanced e-books Continue reading