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Kirkus Reviews Launches New Category – Children’s Book Apps

While at the O’Reilly Tools of Change conference earlier this week, I attended a session on literary reviewing in the digital age.  Bob Carlton from Kirkus was on the panel and provided an overview of the new project Kirkus is taking on to review children’s book apps.   It will be live in early March.  The full press release is below.

Maintaining its position as the first review resource to bring a critical eye to children’s book apps as a distinct new category, Kirkus Reviews today announced the creation of a discovery engine devoted exclusively to this burgeoning area of publishing and app development. Available in early March, it will be found at http://www.kirkusreviews.com/childrens-book-apps/. Continue reading

O’Reilly Tools of Change – Keynote with Skip Prichard

Skip Prichard, CEO and President of Ingram Content Group, provided a keynote full of energy and enthusiasm. (The video is available here.)  His theme was the adoption of technology, change, taking risks, and staying true to the purpose of the company.  Skip began with a general overview and summary of the technologies of today stating, “we are rushing to an age of connectivity,” location based services will have a profound impact on society (foursquare, etc.) and personalized content will have a huge impact – customized ads on billboards, contact lenses with virtual reality element, etc.

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TOC Online eBook Conference Highlights

Some notes I made during the O’Reilly Tools of Change eBook conference (I only got to see the first hour):

O’Reilly.com selling twice as many eBooks today as they did last year, most are going overseas.

eBook pricing panel:

  • Bundling was a big topic – bundling eBook formats together and/or bundling the e and p.
  • Clear dropoff for eBook purchases that are priced higher that $10.  People seem to be comfortable spending the $9.99.
  • FREE – should work itself out, maybe giving certain things away will generate more sales, free drives more interest and the key is finding a way to keep that interest and turn it into revenues. Continue reading