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Shivell Family, Jane Reece Collection
1911-1944, 1 lin. ft.

This collection highlights the work and family of Dayton poet, Paul Shivell. An accomplished poet published in the late 19th- and early 20th centuries, Shivell was recognized for his pastoral poems which were published in several books and collections. Included in the collection are several original portraits by noted Dayton photographer Jane Reece, who was a close family friend of the Shivells and who took portraits of them throughout several decades. Other documents note the Shivells’ activities in Dayton society and the arts. Of special interest is the 1916 letter to Shivell from Robert Frost, complimenting him on his recent publication, and a print of one of Jane Reece’s photographs of Matilda Dunbar, mother of Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Photographic Collections, Family and Personal Papers, Paul Laurence Dunbar Materials



"Who Knows?" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
1915, 1 folder

Sheet music and RCA phonograph recording of "Who Knows" located in oversize collection materials.

Subject Area(s): Paul Laurence Dunbar Materials, Arts, African-Americans



Paul Laurence Dunbar Newspaper Clippings
1934, 1 folder

Two Dunbar poems and newspaper articles concerning the death and funeral of Dunbar and his mother.

Subject Area(s): Paul Laurence Dunbar Materials, African-Americans



Boyer's, the Circus and Other Historical Reminiscences
2003, 1 folder

Paper written by Chip Boyer containing information on the Boyer family, famous patrons of the Boyer business, and the families' involvement with the funeral business.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Paul Laurence Dunbar Materials, Wright Brothers Collections



Paul Laurence Dunbar Poem, "To Anna C."
ca. 1900, 1 folder

Original handwritten and typed version of a poem, "To Anna C." written by Paul Laurence Dunbar, dating between 1900 and 1906.

Subject Area(s): Paul Laurence Dunbar Materials, African-Americans, Arts



Lays of a Wandering Minstrel Book
1897, 2 items

This collection contains a book by Anne Virginia Culbertson, Lays of a Wandering Minstrel, which reportedly was carried by Paul Laurence Dunbar on his visit to England in 1897. Handwritten notes on the inside front cover document the ownership of the book by Mrs. David Gebhart, and it is signed by the author. Inside the back cover, Mary Ellen Gebhart explains the story of loaning the book to Dunbar and its journey with him. Also included is a photocopy of the original newspaper clipping from March 30, 1897, about Dunbar’s trip.

Subject Area(s): Paul Laurence Dunbar Materials



Rain Songs: Poems by Paul Laurence Dunbar
2009, 1 item

This collection contains one copy of Rain Songs: Poems by Paul Laurence Dunbar, Selected and Illustrated by Emily Burkman, printed by Apiary Press, Northampton, Massachusetts, 2009. This copy is number 7 of fifteen.

Subject Area(s): Paul Laurence Dunbar Materials, Arts



Paul Laurence Dunbar First Day of Issue
1975, 3 items

This collection consists of three envelopes with images of Paul Laurence Dunbar printed on them. Each image is different. There is also a Paul Laurence Dunbar stamp on each envelope. Each stamp is the same. May 1, 1975, is the stamped date on each envelope, along with First Day of Issue.

Subject Area(s): Paul Laurence Dunbar Materials



Paul Laurence Dunbar Papers
1872-1906, 1 folder

Contains several items pertaining to Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Paul Laurence Dunbar Materials



"My Little Black Lamb" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
1922, 1 folder

Original voice and piano score for song written by Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Arts, Paul Laurence Dunbar Materials