New Carlisle

February 6, 2013

What is now New Carlisle was first established as “York” in 1810; the name was later changed in New Carlisle in 1828. Today, it is a city of about 5,800 people. Located at the intersection of State Routes 235 and 571, New Carlisle is well-connected to larger, nearby cities such...
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Finding Family in the Archive

January 25, 2013

The following post was written by public history graduate student and Dayton Daily News Archive student worker Marcus Manchester, who stumbled upon some fascinating stories about a family member while working with the files of the DDN Archive: A few weeks ago, I was filing something away, and I...
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Fairfield – Osborn – Fairborn

January 23, 2013

Before there was Fairborn, Ohio, there were the neighboring towns of Fairfield and Osborn. The town of Osborn was located in the area more recently occupied by a gravel pit and the Skyborn drive-in theatre, just off OH-235. After the 1913 Flood, the Miami Conservancy District developed a series of dams...
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January 11, 2013

Snow is an annual fact of life in the Miami Valley. Here are some great photos of people enjoying winter weather to the fullest! More information can be found in these resources at Wright State University Special Collections & Archives: Dayton Daily News Archive: Seasons–Winter; Sledding; Sleigh; Accidents–Sledding; Weather–Snow.  Years ago, when I was 5, I remember going to the park in Newark Ohio.  The park  had a large embankment that my brother and I used to climb on, and after a few years as I became more observant of my surroundings, I noticed something about that embankment,...
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