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My Little Black Lamb (1922)

My Little Black Lamb

The Great Success of "Clorindy" or The Origin of the Cake-Walk"

R.M. Harvey
The only show of its kind in the world.

Words by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Music by Whitney Viney.

Sold Exclusively by Harvey's Greater Mintrels General Office, 1512 Tribune Bldg., Chicago. Ill.


Who say my hea't ain't true to you?
Dey bettah heish dey mouf.
I knows I loves you thoo an' thoo
In watah time er drouf.
I wush dese people 'd stop dey talkin',
Don't mean no mo' dan chicken's squawkin':
I guess I knows which way I's walkin',
I knows de norf f'om souf.

I does not love Elizy Brown,
I guess I knows my min'.
You allus try to tek me down
Wid evaht'ing you fin'.
Ef dese hyeah folks will keep on fillin'
Yo' haid wid nonsense, an' you's willin'
I bet some day dey'll be a killin'
Somewhaih along de line.

O' cose I buys de gal ice-cream,
Whut else I gwine to do?
I know jes' how de t'ing 'u'd seem
Ef I'd be sho't wid you.
On Sunday, you's at chu'ch a-shoutin',
Den all de week you go 'roun' poutin'--
I's mighty tiahed o' all dis doubtin',
I tell you cause I's true.