Birth Records

Before 1867

Ohio did not make it a law to keep birth records until 1867.

1867 through December 19, 1908

Ohio made it a law to record births in 1867. County probate courts kept birth records between 1867 and December 19, 1908. There is no statewide index to birth records from 1867 through December 19, 1908. Births were recorded in a log book. Birth certificates were not created until 1908.

Special Collections and Archives has the birth records for the following counties:

  • Auglaize County (microfilm)
  • Clark County (microfilm)
  • Darke County (microfilm)
  • Mercer County (publication of Mercer County Chapter of Ohio Genealogical Society)
  • Montgomery County (microfilm)
  • Shelby County (Publication of Shelby County Chapter of Ohio Genealogical Society)
  • For the remaining counties in the Special Collections and Archives service area, please contact the county’s probate court.

December 20, 1908 to the present

The state of Ohio began issuing certificates for births on December 20, 1908. The Ohio Department of Health holds birth certificates for the state of Ohio from December 20, 1908 to the present. Researchers should contact the Ohio Department of Health.

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