Lesson Plans: Wright Brothers' Documents—An Analysis

Wright Brothers and Daily Life | Wright Brothers and Science | Wright Brothers' Documents - An Analysis

Grade Level: 12

Subject area: History

Time Required:
Preparation: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Activity:1 class period

Ohio Standards Correlation:
Analyze primary source material

First discuss what primary sources are, then analyze one with the students. Divide the students into small groups and give each group a primary document to analyze. Give the groups a specific question that can be answered by their document and let them discuss it for 10-15 minutes. Have each group present to the class how their document answers the question.

Students will:
1. Learn public speaking and group work skills
2. Interpret the information given to them and present it to the class
3. Gain experience working with and interpreting primary documents

Documents from the Wright Brothers that have a commonality.

Present primary sources to the class. Discuss what they are and why they are important. State a hypothesis that can be answered by the documents and analyze one with the class before dividing the students into smaller groups. Give each group a different primary source document. Give them 10-15 minutes to analyze the document based upon the question asked in class. Once their time is up, have them present their findings to the class. Have them take notes on what the other groups say.

Discussion/wrap up
Ask the students to analyze the information from all the groups as a whole. What do the documents have in common and what light do they shed on the Wright Brothers’ lives and/or activities?

Students should be evaluated based upon their participation in the exercise and how well they interpret the evidence given to them.

Special Collections and Archives, Wright State University, Wright Brothers Collection.

3640 Colonel Glenn Highway, Dayton, Ohio 45435. Phone: (937) 775-2525