• Is software that you use in conjunction with your word processing program to incorporate citations from your RefWorks database
  • Lets you to choose the citations from the RefWorks database you created and place them in the proper place in your paper
  • Formats a bibliography using the citations you placed in you paper

Install Write-n-Cite On Your Computer

To be able to use Write-n-Cite you will need to download and install the Write-n-Cite software on to your computer. If you use several computers, you will need to install the Write-n-Cite software on each computer you use. If you are using a computer on campus you will need to install the Write-n-Cite software each time you log in to the computer. For information on downloading the Write-n-Cite software please read RefWork's Help Documentation.

Once the software is installed:

  • PC: when you are in MS Word, RefWorks Write-n-Cite will appear in the Tools menu and as a toolbar option.
  • MAC: a shortcut to RefWorks Write-n-Cite will appear on the Desktop.

To use Write-n-Cite, open it from MS Word or the Desktop. You will be prompted for your RefWorks login. You can choose to have the RefWorks Write-n-Cite window always on top.

For more help, please use RefWorks Help Documentation.

An alternative to installing the Write-n-Cite software is to use the One Line/Cite View feature in RefWorks.

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