General Services

Research Service

We provide general reference service to identify and access reference materials and tools. We generally limit reading and assistance with the use of collections or equipment to five minutes.

If you need more in-depth research assistance, please call (937) 775-2925 to make an appointment.

Materials Retrieval

We pull materials from the stacks for users who are unable to reach materials by themselves. Whenever possible we retrieve materials immediately, but at times we may need twenty-four hours to provide this service. To ensure prompt service contact Resource Delivery Services at (937) 775-2525 to schedule an appointment.

Physical Assistance

We continue to remove physical barriers whenever possible. If barriers exist, please notify library staff and we will provide necessary assistance.

Completion of Forms

We provide assistance to complete library forms at all service points. TDD Telephone Services for Patrons with Hearing Impairments is available. We contract with a communication relay service for questions about your library account or for brief reference questions. For TDD access, call (800) 750-0750.

Personalized Services

The University Libraries provide equal access, but individuals are responsible for independently using library resources. If you are a Wright State student who requires personalized assistance, such as personal reading, photocopying, typing or note-taking, we encourage you to contact the Office of Disability Services at (937) 775-5680; TTY (937) 775-5844.

Special Accommodations for Workshops and Presentations

These accommodations may include sign language interpreters, large print handouts, or other accommodations to achieve equal access to a library program. With one week advance notice the University Libraries and the Office of Disability Services will provide special accommodations for library workshops and programs.

If a service you need from the libraries is not listed, please stop at any service desk for more information or contact the University Librarian.