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What Are Course Reserves?

Course Reserves are materials designated by faculty or staff for use by students in a specific course. Students may not place materials on course reserve. Materials may be placed on reserve at the Dunbar Library, and include books, AV, textbooks, class notes, sample solutions, personal copies; any physical item you wish your students to share. Materials may be designated for use only inside the library or to circulate for a limited period of time at the instructor's discretion.

How to Place Print or AV Materials on Reserve

These materials include books, videos, class notes, sample tests, and copies that meet copyright guidelines (see below). Please deliver materials to be placed on course reserve to the Circulation Desk for processing. Library staff will pull materials already held in our collections. Include a complete citation on the first page of each photocopied document. Fill out the Course Reserve request form, or use a paper form at the Circulation Desk to place your request.

Planning Ahead

In order to have material available for the first day of class, we need as much time as possible to process requests. Please allow 2 weeks of lead time before the beginning of each semester. During the remainder of the semester, processing time is approximately 2 days. Additional time will be needed if an item must be purchased for Course Reserves.


"Fair use" guidelines permit limited reproduction of copyrighted works for educational and research purposes. A copy is considered within "fair use" guidelines when the portion used is small in relation to the work as a whole, and there is little impact of the use on the potential market for the copyrighted work. The copyright owner may also grant permission for uses beyond "fair use."

For additional information about copyright, please check University Policy 12010.

Information to Share With Your Students:

Questions about procedures for course reserves should be directed to Reserves Staff at (937) 775-3941

What Happened to Electronic Reserves?

The electronic reserve system is no longer available as of the start of Spring 2016. For more information, please visit the Libraries’ blog post.