New Books, Check Them Out!

The time has come again for May flowers, Mother’s Day and… new books! Here are some highlights of books recently added to the University Libraries collections:

Pageants, Parlors and Pretty Women cover

Pageants, Parlors & Pretty Women: Race and Beauty in the Twentieth Century South by Blain Roberts
Publisher’s summary: From the South’s pageant queens to the importance of beauty parlors to African American communities, it is easy to see the ways beauty is enmeshed in southern culture. But as Blain Roberts shows in this incisive work, the pursuit of beauty in the South was linked to the tumultuous racial divides of the region, where the Jim Crow-era cosmetics industry came of age selling the idea of makeup that emphasized whiteness, and where, in the 1950s and 1960s, black-owned beauty shops served as crucial sites of resistance for civil rights activists. By showing how battles over beauty came to a head during the civil rights movement, Roberts sheds new light on the tactics southerners used to resist and achieve desegregation.

Computers as Theatre cover

Computers as Theatre, Second Edition by Brenda Laurel [electronic resource]
Publisher’s summary: Brenda Laurel’s Computers as Theatre revolutionized the field of human-computer interaction, offering ideas that inspired generations of interface and interaction designers-and continue to inspire them. Laurel’s insight was that effective interface design, like effective drama, must engage the user directly in an experience involving both thought and emotion. Her practical conclusion was that a user’s enjoyment must be a paramount design consideration, and this demands a deep awareness of dramatic theory and technique, both ancient and modern.

Now, two decades later, Laurel has revised and revamped her influential work, reflecting back on enormous change and personal experience and forward toward emerging technologies and ideas that will transform human-computer interaction yet again. Beginning with a clear analysis of classical drama theory, Laurel explores new territory through the lens of dramatic structure and purpose. Computers as Theatre, Second Edition, is directed to a far wider audience, is written more simply and elegantly, is packed with new examples, and is replete with exciting and important new ideas.
Full text available online:

American Energy cover

American Energy, Imperiled Coast : Oil and Gas Development in Louisiana’s Wetlands by Jason P. Theriot
Publisher’s summary: In American Energy, Imperiled Coast Jason P. Theriot explores the tension between oil and gas development and the land-loss crisis in Louisiana. His book offers an engaging analysis of both the impressive, albeit ecologically destructive, engineering feats that characterized industrial growth in the region and the mounting environmental problems that threaten south Louisiana’s communities, culture, and working coast. As a historian and coastal Louisiana native, Theriot explains how pipeline technology enabled the expansion of oil and gas delivery examining previously unseen photographs and company records and traces the industry’s far-reaching environmental footprint in the wetlands. Through detailed research presented in a lively and accessible narrative, Theriot pieces together decades of political, economic, social, and cultural undertakings that clashed in the 1980s and 1990s, when local citizens, scientists, politicians, environmental groups, and oil and gas interests began fighting over the causes and consequences of coastal land loss. The mission to restore coastal Louisiana ultimately collided with the perceived economic necessity of expanding offshore oil and gas development at the turn of the twenty-first century. Theriot’s book bridges the gap between these competing objectives.

FindGrantFundingNowcoverFind grant funding now! : the five-step prosperity process for entrepreneurs and business by Sarah Beth Aubrey

Publisher’s summary: A practical, proven system for finding, applying for, and winning grants for your small business. Each year, millions in grant money available to small businesses goes unused because small businesses either don’t know it’s there or don’t know how to get it.
Written by a leader in the grant-funding arena who helps individuals, municipalities, and nonprofits find and receive grant money, Find Grant Funding Now! provides proven, step-by-step guidance on applying for and winning the grant money needed to succeed.
This is virtually the only book on the market dedicated to helping small businesses get grants and features a wealth of valuable resources and even a customized Grant Readiness Assessment Tool to ensure you’re fully prepared before you file the paperwork.

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