Month: May 2016

Textbooks in Course Reserve

Textbooks weighing you down? University Libraries can help.

Working with faculty we have Course Reserve copies of many of the textbooks required for your classes. Course Reserve textbooks can be requested at the Circulation Desk on the first floor and used for 2 hours at Dunbar Library.  The two hour limit ensures that everyone in your course has access to materials.

Below is a list of some of the textbooks available in Course Reserves by subject. Don’t see the book you need? Consult your professor.

This is only a sample of the many items we have on reserve to support your course work. Ask a librarian to learn more.

A Helping Hand from the STAC

3D printing is a process of making three dimensional objects from a digital file. The Student Technology Assistance Center (STAC), which helps students create multimedia projects and is located on the second floor of Dunbar Library, acquired a 3D printer in November, 2015 and began testing. Not long after, Dr. Ashley Hall approached David Reyes, STAC Coordinator about working together on an exciting project to create prosthetic hands using 3D printing. Dr. Hall is Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Wright State, with a focus in Digital Humanities. Dr. Hall’s class would be participating in the Helping Hand Project,  a nonprofit organization based in Chapel Hill, NC that specializes in providing 3D printed prosthetic hands free of charge for children in need. Learn more about the Helping Hand Project by visiting their website.

17125 Michelle Brasseur, Dunbar Library Photos 2-18-16

Through this project, STAC staff were delighted to help Wright State students help others. They also learned a lot about the 3D printing process along the way, from preparing files for printing to troubleshooting the equipment. Students in Dr. Hall’s course began work on their 3D printed hands in February and completed their projects in April. To learn more, and see the 3D printer in action, check out this video produced by Dr. Hall’s students.

“It has been an amazing experience for us,” Reyes said. “And has us excited about what possibilities lie ahead.” STAC staff are currently working the bugs out of the 3D printer and finalizing details, like pricing and procedures. They hope to have 3D printing available for public use beginning in the Fall 2016 semester. Please follow this blog for updates. For more information about the STAC, please visit our website or call 937-775-2656.

Improve Search Results with Online Research Toolkit Workshop

For the past two years, the Research Toolkit workshops have been helping students do better research faster. Each of the eight workshops is designed to improve library research skills in an area that has been identified as a challenge for college students. Students from first-semester first-year to those finishing a dissertation have attended and had overwhelmingly positive things to say. Over the past two years, 95% of attendees have reported feeling more confident that they could apply the information or skill they learned in the workshop to their research projects.

15533 Michelle Brasseur, Dunbar Library Marketing Photos 3-30-15

The regularly-scheduled Research Toolkit series will return in the fall semester, but help is still available to students who want to complete a workshop this summer. Stop Searching and Start Finding, the workshop that focuses on the fundamentals of searching scholarly databases for more effective, efficient searches, is available as an online workshop. The workshop is divided into six parts, each of which highlight a different aspect of searching databases.

The online workshop incorporates quizzes and has the option for students to include an email address to notify an instructor that they completed the workshop. The online workshop is available at For more information about this or any of the other Research Toolkit workshops, email