Congratulations Library Retirees

Tuesday afternoon brought laughter, celebration, recognition and more than a few tears to the University Libraries staff as we said happy retirement to nine staff members who will be taking advantage of the retirement incentive offered this year by the University Administration.

With over 261 combined years of service, these nine staff members represent five University Libraries’ departments and several library-wide and University-wide teams and committees.


Barb Schaper
40 years of service
Future plans: Barb plans to join a senior living community and get involved with group activities and fitness classes. Here’s Barb at Tuesday’s celebration with fellow library staff members, Ran and Mary Raider.


Rita Johnson
34 years of service
Future plans: Rita can’t wait to spend more time with her children and grandchildren!



Emma Boddie
32 years of service
Future plans: Travel! Emma is going on a cruise to Jamaica after retirement. Here’s Emma with family and friends at Tuesday’s celebration. They can’t wait to set sail!


Kathi Herick
32 years of service
Future plans: Kathi is looking forward to spending time with husband, Dave, and helping her daughter plan her wedding.


Mandy Wilson
32 years of service
Future plans: Mandy is looking forward to finally getting around to some home improvement projects. As the stacks manager, Mandy has moved nearly every book in Dunbar Library! We’re guessing her home improvement projects won’t include new shelves and moving books at home! Here’s Mandy with family at Tuesday’s event.


Jeff Wehmeyer
30 years of service
Future plans: Jeff is looking forward to joining his wife Susan in retirement. The couple met at Dunbar Library. He plans to spend time with their children and grandchildren.


Mary Raider
30 years of service
Future plans: Mary plans to pursue real estate classes. With her sunny disposition, she’s sure to be successful selling houses.


Mary Lou Baker Jones
19 years of service
Sciences and Math Librarian, Mary Lou was instrumental in expanding the library’s involvement with the Exploring STEMM program (among her many other efforts). A few of our students from last year’s program are pictured below, on a visit to Special Collections & Archives.


Steve Wynn
12 years of service
Future plans: none. Steve is looking forward to doing nothing for awhile. Sounds good to us! We know our patrons will miss “the guy with the beard”. Here Steve is at Tuesday’s celebration with his wife and fellow retiree, Diana Kaylor.


For many, their last day will be Sept 30th. So stop by soon and tell them how much you’ll miss them. We sure will! Congratulations to all!