Month: September 2016

3D Printing Now Available at the STAC!

Edited to add: The University Libraries no longer offers a 3D printing service. Area public libraries that offer 3D printing services include the Dayton Metro Library and the Greene County Public Library. (September 27, 2019)

The staff of the Student Technology Assistance Center (STAC), located on the 2nd floor of Dunbar Library, are excited to announce their new 3D printing services, available to all current Wright State University students.

8bit STAC

The STAC has two 3D printers: a PrintrBot Simple Metal printer and a Polar 3D printer.


STAC staff are excited to continue their 3D printing education with students this fall and assist in the creation of a variety of fun and functional projects.  Projects can be printed in black, white, pink, green, red or blue filament.

3D Printed Objects

3D printing in the STAC costs just $0.10 per gram, with project weights rounded to the nearest gram. Our STAC staff strives to keep printing costs low, in order to encourage students from all majors to visit the STAC and experiment with 3D printing.

3D printing services are exclusive to current Wright State students.

Questions about 3D printing or any of the other multimedia and technology projects students can create in the STAC? Please contact STAC Coordinator, David Reyes at 937-775-2656.