Free Patent Workshop – October 28

Learn basic information about patenting your invention at our FREE workshop!

Working on an idea for a new product but don’t know where to start? The Wright State University Libraries’ Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) is offering a basic patent information workshop for beginning inventors. The workshop will cover what a patent protects, the process for applying, the examination process, how to perform a prior art search, and what inventor resources are available in the community.  The workshop will also cover the basic search techniques for using the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent databases, Google® Patents and the European Patent Office’s (EPO) Espacenet™.  These are freely accessible online patent databases. The concept of prior art will be explained and how it relates to the patent classification system.   Literature from the USPTO will also be handed out during the workshop.  If time permits, you will be able to practice some of what your learned during the workshop.  Basic computer skills and familiarity with the internet are suggested but not required for the workshop.

This free patent workshop will be held on Saturday morning , October 28th, 10:30am- 1:30pm in Room 241 of the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library, on the main campus of Wright State.

Wright State’s library is a U.S. Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC is a USPTO supported program) and provides access to USPTO expertise, PubWEST, Web-based Examiner Search Tool, and PubEAST, Examiner’s Automated Search Tool, Derwent World Patents Index, EPO and JPO patent abstracts in English.  These are the same patent databases used by US patent examiners. The PTRC is located on the second floor of the Dunbar Library.

Seating for the workshop is limited. Register online at or contact Ran Raider government and history librarian for the University Libraries, at or by calling (937) 775-3521.