Research Toolkit Workshops Now Available Online

Learning to do academic research is one of the biggest challenges college students face. Students often struggle with skills like defining a research topic, locating relevant sources, constructing searches, and making sense of information once found. We designed the Research Toolkit workshops three years ago to help students overcome the most common challenges of doing college-level research. Students overwhelmingly report that they feel more comfortable and confident about doing research after the workshops. Faculty have reported noticing an improvement in their students’ skills after completing a workshop.

Since we introduced the workshops, the most commonly asked question has been, “Will these be available online?” We’re happy to report that the answer is now an enthusiastic “yes!” We have made three workshops available to be viewed any time online. Those workshops are:

Each of these workshops can be viewed independently on the Research Toolkit research guide. Each is also available as a module that can be embedded into a class Pilot page. Instructors who are interested in offering these workshops for credit can find the zip files for Pilot on the “For Instructor Use” page. Both “Stop Searching and Start Finding” and “Integrating Your Sources” include Pilot quizzes.

More workshops will be available as we are able to complete them. Each is still available in person for groups of four or more students by faculty or advisor request. Contact with questions or for more information.