Staff Spotlight on… Andrew Harris!

Andrew HarrisAndrew Harris didn’t get the first position he applied for here at Wright State, but he didn’t let that deter him from applying for and being accepted to the Metadata Librarian position with our Digital Initiatives and Repository Services (formerly Digital Services) department in 2013.

What is an institutional repository? 

An institutional repository collects and makes available the scholarly output of an organizations faculty, staff, and students. Wright State’s institutional repository, CORE Scholar is also home to local, regional, and WSU heritage material. The goal of CORE Scholar is to provide open access and worldwide exposure to Wright State’s unique research and collections.

One of Andrew’s favorite projects so far has been the migration of content from an older system to our current system. As a librarian with a newly minted Master of Library and Information Science degree, Andrew took pride in the responsibility of creating metadata for over 3,000 records in CORE Scholar. Andrew compares the project to solving a puzzle, and has enjoyed sharing what he learned from the project with his peers at professional conferences.

Andrew HarrisWhat is metadata?

Have you ever heard someone use the expression “that’s so meta,” meaning that’s so self-referential? Well, metadata is data about data. In CORE Scholar the “data” in question might be a scholarly article submitted by a faculty member, or an issue of the archived copies of the Wright State’s student newspaper, the Guardian (available here), the metadata corresponding with that article will include its title, abstract or description, date of publication, keywords and more. Quality metadata helps researchers locate records quickly and efficiently.

Andrew also enjoys getting to work with cultural heritage materials, collecting scholarship, and creating metadata for a variety of resources. Having attended a small liberal arts college for undergrad and a large state school for grad school, Andrew says Wright State combines a large university’s reach with the intimate feel of a smaller college and a strong connection to the surrounding community.

Andrew’s favorite children’s book is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (Rosen & Oxenbury, 1989), which he reads to his two sons. His wife Kayla is a Librarian/Archivist with the University of Dayton Libraries. We’d like to thank Andrew for sharing his story with us, and for being a part of our efforts to collect (digitize!), organize, and provide (free! open!) access to quality information to the Wright State community.