Open Access Week 2018

Open Access Week is an annual worldwide event that is celebrated in the last full week in October. Open Access Week is an opportunity for the academic world and research community to highlight Open Access (O.A.) and its potential benefits. The hope of this focus on sharing of information is that it will inspire and encourage the sharing of data, research, and scholarship. October 22-26 is Open Access Week this year, and to celebrate it we wanted to talk a little bit about how CORE Scholar supports Open Access.

What is CORE Scholar?

CORE Scholar is Wright State University’s Institutional Repository (IR). An institutional repository is a website maintained by the University Libraries where we collect the scholarly output Wright State faculty, students, and staff and make it freely and openly available to the world. CORE Scholar currently provides access to a growing collection of over 30,000 records that have been accessed by 39,000 plus institutions in 229 countries. Some of the items that we collect and host are:

  •        Scholarly Articles
  •        Monographs
  •        eBooks
  •        Course Materials
  •        Online Journals
  •        Conference Proceedings
  •        Videos
  •        Audio Recordings
  •        Gray Literature

How does CORE Scholar support Open Access?

Open Access (O.A.) is the concept of making scholarship and research materials open and freely available to users/researchers. This democratizes access to important scholarship and data, allowing everyone to have the same access to information, thus allowing anyone to learn, replicate, or research information further.

CORE Scholar supports Open Access by actively searching for the scholarly output of our WSU scholars The IR provides a centralized web presence of over 30,000 records in this repository. In addition to that, we work to provide consistent metadata and organization with all items in CORE Scholar to enable anyone in the world access to Wright State’s scholarship. The metadata that we collect, edit, and create enhances discovery, access, and delivery of content.  

Open Education Resources (OERs)

This year, as part of our continuing efforts to provide access to the scholarship in CORE Scholar, we have created a new section called Open Education Resource (OER). Open Education Resources are education materials that are any open and free for users to potentially share, copy, or adapt. OER’s may include syllabi, books, curricula, and more. This new community within our IR collects a variety of materials within CORE Scholar, that we hope to grow over time.  

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