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Faculty Publishing & CORE Scholar Discussion Panel

Register now for the Friends of the Libraries event, Faculty Publishing and CORE Scholar, February 16, 2017 in the Wright State Student Union Discovery Room, 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. A panel of Wright State faculty, a retiree, and a graduate student will discuss their experiences with scholarly publishing, self-publishing, open access and CORE Scholar, Wright State’s institutional repository.

This event is free and open to the public. Please register to help us plan:


Open Access Hero – Journal of Bioresource Management

The theme for Open Access Week 2016 is “Open in Action.” In honor of this, we are shining the light on our own Open Access Heroes who are truly putting putting Open into Action.

Journal of Bioresource Managementjbm

Description: This Open Access Journal is a collaboration between the Bioresource Research Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan, and Wright State University. It accepts papers, reviews, and short communications pertaining to wide areas of research in the biological sciences. Eight issues with 55 articles have been published since 2014, with a new issue on the horizon.

Total Downloads: 10,538

Top 5 Countries Download JBM:

  1. Pakistan – 2199
  2. United States – 1362
  3. India – 1321
  4. Philippines – 257
  5. Indonesia – 225

Open Access Hero – Amit Sheth

The theme for Open Access Week 2016 is “Open in Action.” In honor of this, we are shining the light on our own Open Access Heroes who are truly putting putting Open into Action.

Amit Shethamit

Department: Director, Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-Enabled Computing

Stats: 542 Publications in CORE Scholar with a total of 35,866 Downloads


Most Popular Work: “Service Level Agreement in Could Computing” – 5174 Downloads

Top 5 Institutions Downloading Work:

  1. Wright State University
  2. London Stock Exchange
  3. Taiwan Academic Network
  4. Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Portugal’s Foundation for Science and Technology
  5. The University of Georgia

Open Access Hero – Abe Bassett

The theme for Open Access Week 2016 is “Open in Action.” In honor of this, we are shining the light on our own Open Access Heroes who are truly putting putting Open into Action.

Abe Bassettbassett

Department: Professor Emeritus, Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures

Major Work: Abe has published several works on CORE Scholar, including his books Producer’s Notes: A Personal History of the Department of Theatre Arts at Wright State University, 1970-1988 and Abe, son of Abraham: Stories, Vignettes, Remembrances, Reflections, Thoughts, & Tributes

Total Downloads: 997

Most Popular Work: Equus: A Case for Censorship?” – 376 Downloads

Open Access Hero – John Flach

The theme for Open Access Week 2016 is “Open in Action.” In honor of this, we are shining the light on our own Open Access Heroes who are truly putting putting Open into Action.



John Flach

Department: Psychology


Major Work: What Matters?: Putting Common Sense to Work

Downloads: 2,012

Top 5 Countries Downloading What Matters:

  1. United States – 665
  2. United Kingdom – 178
  3. Canada – 133
  4. India – 99
  5. Germany – 94


CORE Scholar Twitter Contest

Guess which day CORE Scholar will reach 1 million downloads and win a Starbucks gift card!

In celebration of Open Access Week 2016. we will give away $5.00 Starbucks gift cards to two contestants who guess, or get closest, to the day CORE Scholar reaches 1 million downloads.

To enter to win, contestants must retweet our contest tweet along with their guess of what day we will hit 1 million downloads.

If multiple contestants guess the same day, or, multiple contestants guess the closest day, winners will be chosen based on a random drawing of names.

Contestants must be affiliated with Wright State University, but not with the University Libraries (UL student workers are still eligible!). Winners must provide their mailing address.


Fall 2016 Ohio IR Day – October 5th

The Fall Ohio IR Day 2016 will take place on Oct 5th at the State Library of Ohio from 10:00am-2:00pm.  The schedule will include a featured speaker, lightning round presentations, and birds of a feather discussions.

The focus of our meeting will be tools, tips, and tricks to streamline your workflow.  Our featured speaker will be Bill McMillin, Digital Metadata Librarian from the University of Cincinnati Libraries, who will be presenting Garbage Reconciliation: Data Cleaning and Linking.   This session will demonstrate how OpenRefine can clean messy data.  Once the data has been cleaned, he will discuss reconciliation services and how you can use them to turn strings into things.

We are currently looking for Lightning Round speakers.  Have you been working a cool project that you would like to demo?  Have you figured out a way to speed up your workflow? Are you using a new tool that might be helpful to others?  Please sign up to present!  Presentations should be about 5-7 minutes long.

Registration and lightning round signups are now open. Information about the Fall 2016 IR Day, as well as schedules and presentations from past IR Days can be found at


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending my second SPARC meeting in San Antonio. The theme for this year’s meeting, MORE (Meeting on Openness in Research & Education), was incredibly timely given the current climate in academic publishing, specifically in regard to Open Educational Resources (OERs). In Ohio, especially, OERs are a hot topic as the Ohio Task Force on College Affordability and Efficiency investigates ways of cutting higher education costs. Below are some exciting OER initiatives I heard about at SPARC:

The SkillCommons –

OERs developed by community colleges for job-driven workforce development created by the US Department of Labor’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Program.

S.2176-Affordable College Textbook Act –

Bill that hopes “to expand the use of open textbooks in order to achieve savings for students.”

Office of Educational Technology #GoOpen Campaign –

“The U.S. Department of Education’s #GoOpen campaign encourages states, school districts and educators to use openly licensed educational materials to transform teaching and learning.”

Tidewater Community College’s “Z-Degree” –

An entire associate’s degree offered by TCC using all OERs. Tidewater predicts this saves students as much as $2,500 over the course of their education.

It was so inspiring to hear all of the OER success stories. I’m sure the number of successes will continue to grow. I look forward to SPARC 2018!

Introducing the SelectedWorks Redesign!

We are excited to announce an upgrade to SelectedWorks profile pages!


Dr. Cigrang's updated profile

Dr. Cigrang’s updated profile

A new card view has been implemented that provides a preview of content. A reader can easily scroll through the new SelectedWorks and instantly get an idea of the work each author has done. Each item is displayed upfront, eliminating the “view more” button. Every file format is supported. This means any work done by you can be uploaded into your SelectedWorks profile. Think beyond articles and books to anything from video, audio, data, and more!


Updated Author Dashboard

Updated Author Dashboard

The new SelectedWorks delivers new author tools that make measuring your impact simple. The author dashboard now comes with a map that displays where downloads are happening. You are able to zoom in on almost exact locations of downloads. Additionally, each pinpoint on the map displays the number of downloads. Clicking on these points provides the title being downloaded. The author dashboard also offers a handful of other metrics, including which countries and institutions are downloading your work, which sites readers are using to find your work, a timeline of your download history, and a list of your top downloaded items.


The new SelectedWorks makes it even easier for readers to follow your work. The “Follow” button is now far more prominent at the top of the page. Also, authors can take control of their SelectedWorks profile. The new design allows for easy editing through WYSIWIGs.

Prominent Follow Button

Prominent Follow Button

Remember, your SelectedWorks profile is already Search Engine Optimized to ensure maximum exposure to your work. The upgraded look will showcase your work with a contemporary feel, an easy-to-read card layout, and richer metrics.