DDN Collection Arrives at WSU

The DDN Collection was stored in the basement of the Medical Sciences building when it arrived on WSU’s main campus. The filing cabinets and record storage boxes took up   seven rooms and any extra space we had around the office.  We placed the cabinets in separate rooms based on their contents; which include subject files, personality files, and files from the Dayton Journal-Herald. The most daunting task was finding the filing cabinet match for each of the 200 record storage boxes. The process of formulating series and sub series for the collection also took some time as the collection has at least six separate filing systems–all of which overlap with each other. As such, if a researcher wanted to find an article, it is necessary to look in six separate places to obtain the  information.

File drawers such as this are common in the collection. each drawer can contain several hundred folders on various topics. Within the folders are dozens of newspaper clippings.

In the three weeks from the end of November until mid-December the staff  moved all the record storage boxes into the appropriate rooms. The rooms housing the collection are a lot more manageable now that similar items are together.

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    Thank you for taking the time to post this, it is much appreciated!

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