First Action

William L. Patterson and the 1st OVI arrived in Washington, D. C. on May 29, 1861.  On June 17, 1861 the 1st OVI was sent by train to Vienna, Virginia.  When they were rounding a curve, about a quarter mile away from town, they were fired upon by a concealed battery of Confederate cannon, killing and wounding some men on the train platfom and in the train cars.  The 1st OVI exited the train and went into the woods to regroup, only to discover that the Confederates had a regiment of infantry and a least a regiment of cavalry waiting for them.  Upon seeing this, the 1st OVI fell back to the train tracks and deployed skirmishers on both the left and right flanks.  This was followed by an organized retreat of 5 miles.  Confederate forces did not pursue the 1st OVI.  The 1st OVI lost nine killed, two wounded, and two missing.

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