200 Boxes Processed!

Last week we processed the 200th record storage box of the collection. The last names of A-G from the Personality Files are integrated and ready for permanent placement on the shelves.  The time and effort required to complete the 200 boxes speaks to the volume of this collection; it is massive. We estimate that, when completed, the Personality Files alone with encompass 550 record storage boxes.

For me, the size of this collection created a new respect  in regards to how newspapers operate.  Unlike archives, a newspaper must have its collections processed, ready, and available the minute a story is printed.  To maintain a workable repository where information on a story can easily be found is clearly a difficult task.  For us, it takes some time to locate all the photos and clippings for integration. I cannot imagine doing this with a print deadline minutes away. We hope that the integration will streamline the search process for future patrons.

Below are some photos of the collection taken after we processed the 200th box.

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