Cold and Snow

On February 16, 1862, William wrote a short letter to his mother from Camp Wood, Kentucky.  In the letter he reports that they only traveled 16 miles before they were ordered to return to camp.  He also notes that the 1st OVI has suffered greatly during the last two or three days from cold weather and deep snow. (Transcript of William Patterson letter, February 16, 1862)

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2 Responses to Cold and Snow

  1. Iain says:

    I’ve read many letters like this mostly from WW1 and what I find most fascinating is the way that people seemed to almost accept the hardships that befell them during war time. There really does seem to be a difference in the way people thought about suffering 100+ years ago; almost like it was just something to be tolerated and commented on – certainly not the way people feel about hardship these days!!

  2. Mike says:

    I really enjoyed having the opportunity to read this. I have also been particularly interested in WWI. @Ian I agree. There is almost a clear desensitization between how people thought and acted back then to the suffering they were surrounding by.

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