New Wheels in the Archives

Look what just rolled through the door of the Archives this morning!  It is a custom built cart specifically designed to transport oversize archival materials (often stored in oversize map folders) from our storage area to the reading room for reference.

Oversize Cart

Oversize Cart for Transporting Large Archival Materials

An oversize cart has been on the Archives’ wish list for many years, but has proven extremely difficult to find through the normal vendors.  Russell Moore, lead locksmith in Wright State University’s Physical Plant, designed and built this beautiful and functional cart.  The cart provides support for our largest archival documents and contributes to our preservation efforts.  Thank you to Russell and to Supervisor Gregory Phillipps for all their time and effort to make this happen!  With Preservation Week coming up April 22-28, this is a great way to celebrate.

About Toni Vanden Bos

I manage preservation efforts in our department, which includes implementing our preservation plan, monitoring environment, assessing collection conditions, improving housing, and developing and implementing the electronic records program with the Archivist for Digital Initiatives and Outreach. I also catalog our manuscript collections, and manage the gift books and journals. Additionally, I arrange and describe collections, provide reference assistance, create exhibits, give presentations, and assist with special events as needed.
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3 Responses to New Wheels in the Archives

  1. Andy Malken says:

    That looks like something I could use personally.. Where can you get one of those?

    • toni says:

      I have yet to locate a vendor for one of these carts. The ones I’ve seen have been custom made. This one was made in Wright State’s Carpentry Shop. If you know a good carpenter, she or he may be able to build you one. I gave Russell an illustration of the cart I had in mind, and showed him our largest oversize folder and the door the cart has to fit through. He took all the dimensions and designed this. Good luck!

  2. Lisa says:

    Jealous! That looks amazing!

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