Some of My Favorite Photos from the Collection

In the almost two years we have been processing the DDN collection, the same few photos always seem to surface. They have become a very familiar site around the office as they are used both for displays and as talking points when describing the collection. These photos aren’t of world leaders or famous events, they are of the common person living their daily lives in the Miami Valley. I think that point is something often overlooked in this collection; while the DDN covers national and international news, it is still the paper that tells the story of our town and its inhabitants. Below are a few examples that illustrate this point.

Journal Herald paper from September 7, 1943. I found this interesting as someone from the paper drew the image on the front page. It is a humorous drawing and addresses the national mood of the time: we have to win the war. It would be a cool primary source for someone studying the homefront during WWII.

Classic piece of Americana. This was a promotional photo for the paper for a paperboy competition. One of my favorite photos from the collection. It looks like something out of a comic book or a 1950s educational film.

This is probably one of the more talked about photos from the collection. Kevin Cullins, 6, of Bristol Tenn visits Bruckner Nature Center in troy and gets to hold one giant salamander. August, 1994.

This photo was found in a record storage box packed with random photo prints. I used the box as an example of the complexity in processing the collection. What do you do with a box full of 500 random pictures? Thankfully we had enough grad students to rectify the situation by sorting through the boxes.

This folder was found in the Color Photos subseries. It is titled Cockroaches Unlimited. There were several photoprints of cockroaches dressed up like assorted characters. Here is the marching band cockroach, Batman, and Elvis roach.

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