Renovations Update: New Carpet

We had yet another exciting flurry of archives renovations last week, as the new carpet was installed in our reading room.

Orv & Wil observe the progress

Orv & Wil observe the progress

We’re still in the process of returning the furnishings and materials to their freshly spruced-up and slightly modified locations throughout the reading room.



In the course of removing and returning all the materials to the shelves, one by one, it’s impossible not to notice the extent and variety of wonderful and interesting things we have here. At times it was difficult not to just stop and peruse them!

Dawne Dewey

Dawne Dewey, Head of Special Collections & Archives

Here are a few more photos of the recent progress of our renovations. If you look closely, you might just find evidence of renovations past!

We’ll be open again before you know it!

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