Upcoming Event: ‘First in Flight’ film showing on Aug. 16

A special showing of the 30-minute American Film Institute movie, “First in Flight,” examining the Wright brothers’ relationship and the impact of Wilbur’s death, will be held on Friday, Aug. 16, from noon-1:00 on the Dunbar Library 4th floor, room 441.

Bring your lunch and experience this special film shown to celebrate Orville and Katharine Wright’s upcoming birthdays (Aug. 19).

The film’s official description is as follows:

Two bicycle mechanics from Dayton Ohio, Orville and Wilbur Wright, dared to believe they could fly. Their dream was so big, it launched them into the skies.

Now, these brothers are about to face their most difficult day: May 30th, 1912. Orville spends his final moments by his brother’s deathbed, reflecting on their lives–the joys and pains, friendships and betrayals, successful flights and fateful crashes.

Though they have taught the world to fly, they have made enormous sacrifices along the way. With years of partnering about to end, they are haunted by the question, “Was it worth it?”

One of our archivists, John Armstrong, assisted the film’s researchers and is listed in the film credits.

More information and a movie trailer is available at this official site: http://www.firstinflightthemovie.com/about.html.

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